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A long wait

Kuch To Log Kahenge airs on May 11 at 8 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Dr Nidhi and Dr Ashutosh, the newlyweds, are set to embark on a new journey. Nidhi is waiting for Ashutosh, but unfortunately, he has to go to the hospital due to an emergency. By the time Ashutosh returns, Nidhi is fast asleep.

In awe of gigantic marvels

Massive Engines’ is an exciting series that brings you the world’s biggest and toughest tools like you have never seen before. Massive, magnificent and worth millions, they can rip through steel buildings, plow through entire mountains and crush and devour vehicles. Each episode explores the use of these massive machines through the eyes of the machine itself and the people who operate them. In this episode, learn how massive trucks are made. Massive Engines airs on May 11 at 8 pm on Discovery Science. 

Colourful vintage beauties

Chasing Classic Cars’ airs on May 11 at 9 pm on Discovery Turbo. It is a full-throttle, high-definition series that follows Wayne Carini, a Ferrari expert and master restorer, as he takes the viewers on his personal mission to uncover great cars and secret

Each episode, Wayne Carini purchases the treasured finds from their current owners and returns them to his shop in Connecticut, where each car is restored and then sold at an auction. 

Follow Wayne Carini in this episode as he reveals some great cars.

Forced to be fugitive

WB presents ‘Minority Report’ on May 11 at 9 pm. The movie stars Tom Cruise, Colin Farrell and Samantha Morton. Tom Cruise stars as John Anderton, a Washington DC detective in the year 2054, who works for ‘Precrime’, a special unit of the police department that arrests murderers before they have committed the actual crime.
‘Precrime’ bases its work on the visions of three psychics or “precogs” whose prophecies of future events are never in error. When Anderton discovers that he has been identified as the future killer of a man he’s never met, he is forced to become a fugitive from his own colleagues as he tries to uncover the mystery of the victim-to-be’s identity.

Guess who is a ‘twittillionaire’?

He must be a millionaire but now film-maker Karan Johar is also a ‘twittillionaire’! He has crossed the million-follower mark on micro-blogging site Twitter, and is overjoyed with the growing list. “Hey!!! Am a twittillionaire!!! A million thanks for all the love (sic),” Karan tweeted. The 39-year-old, who is busy working on his next directorial venture ‘Student Of The Year’, tweets under the username of kjohar25. In his recent updates, he has been writing about the joys of working with a fresh cast for the youth-centric movie. ‘Student Of The Year’ marks the debut of three youngsters — Siddharth
Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan.


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