Tuck into some fond memories...

Tuck into some fond memories...

Tuck into some fond memories...

A college hangout is always a favourite among youngsters and if the ambience of a college canteen is recreated elsewhere, who would not want to relive the good old days? Entrepreneurs Darshan, Nag and Rahul attempted to do just that and the response has been amazing.

‘Hungry Hogs’ situated at shop no 4, 5th Cross, Koramangala is buzzing with the energy of college students and young professionals. Most of these people are regular customers of this food joint. “We mainly serve hot dogs, all of which have been prepared by us. We did get inspired by  some of the items we had eaten but most of the recipes have been innovated by us. The idea behind introducing hot dogs was the lack of exclusive hot dog joints in the City,” said Darshan, one of the owners of the joint.

“The whole concept of becoming entrepreneurs came about after a lot of brainstorming. Nag and I had just finished our engineering course and wanted to start something on our own. Rahul was working. One day, the three of us met up and started thinking about starting a business venture of our own.

Finally, we agreed on investing in an eat-out joint,” says Darshan The hot dog joint has items with whacky names like ‘Corny Island’, ‘Say Cheese’, ‘Sev the World’ and many more. The best part is that most of the hot dogs are pretty affordable. The prices of the hot dogs vary from Rs 70 to Rs 100.

Adding Rs 30 to this amount can convert your normal hot dog into a monster size. These entrepreneurs feel that having a personal rapport with the customers helps. “We know our customers by face and most of them are regulars at our joint. We have built a rapport with our customers and that’s our little secret to advertise our joint. There have been incidences where some customers have even brought their friends here,” adds Darshan.
It was difficult to spread the word about the joint initially but as people started enjoying the ambience and the food, they started spreading the word and the demand for hot dogs rose.

“We have opened an outlet at Fraser Town and wish to open some more slowly,” Darshan informs.

The hot dogs have been named after the ingredients that have been used. For instance, ‘Sev the World’ has sev as a topping; ‘Say Cheese’ has a generous amount of cheese in it and ‘Corny Island’ is based on a hot dog which is very famous in the USA.

Along with hot dogs, one can also order desserts which would not make a hole in your pocket.  Starters like chicken wings are equally affordable and there is a good chance of one bumping into old friends, who have come to relive their college days, here.