From DJ to Free-jay

From DJ to Free-jay

From DJ to Free-jay

A whole new music playback and remixes, using the concept called ‘Free-jay’ where one experiences multi touch screen deejaying  was tried out as a first in India by by DJ Jas. He played remixes and mixes with laptops, iPads and other electronic stuff.

“Right from childhood, I have been into music. I do guitar and singing and earlier, I was part of a band also. Then after sometime I planned to be a one man show,” said Jas, explaining his love for music.

Jas has had no professional training as a DJ, but his knowledge of music would have you thinking otherwise. “My love for music did have me training in tabla and Hindustani classical vocal as well from Patiala gharana. But I don’t do classical vocals. I learnt them to make my base in music very strong,” he adds.

Hearing a mix of rap and tabla comes as no big deal to an audience when Jas is playing.
Born and brought up in Delhi, the musician can play multiple instruments at one time. He is capable of mixing different genres of music also, simultaneously - be it commercial or house.

His music is definitely a treat for crowds who are into hose music and commercial mixes. “Personally for me, music is love. Any good track will do for me, whether be classical, house or Bollywood. I am very open to music because I have an in depth knowledge of it,” he says.

Though Jas belongs to a non-musical family and is a B.Com graduate, he has set his foot firmly into music the genre. When Metrolife asked him about his shift from B.Com to music, he said, “I belong to a businessman’s family, my father never took interest in music. They wanted me to do post graduation and MBA. But after Std XII I decided to jump into music. I learnt everything by myself, so it was a big challenge for me.”

Known for versatility in the use of instruments combined with power of knowledge about them and varying levels of mixes and vocals, DJ Jas is considered responsible for bringing the futuristic concept of DJing into the country. And he has only just begun.