New Bollywood directors have no sense of music: Jagjit Singh

Gazhal maestro Jagjit Singh

"Modern filmmakers have no interest in music and literature, moreover they don't want to understand it. All they want to do is to earn money by selling sex and violence," the singer said in an interview.

The musician also rues the fact that gazhals, which once enjoyed immense popularity in the Hindi film industry, are fast disappearing from Bollywood movies.

"They make excuses that people do not like gazhals and classical music but that is not true. The genre has seen a boom in recent times because young generation loves gazhals," the singer, who has evergreen hits like 'Kaghaz Ki Kashti', 'Bekhudi', 'Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar' to his name.

"India is full of people who love gazals, this is why Pakistani singers are coming to our country to perform," said the singer, who was in the capital to perform at a charity concert.

Singh believes that unlike common perception gazhal is enjoying a greater acceptance among the young audience. "Gazhal as a genre is more disciplined today because it is soothing to switch to them after a day's hectic work," he adds.

Singh also believes that gazhals have popularised spoken Urdu in present generation.
"It is very important today that you convey your ideas in simple language and today shayars are embracing the spoken Urdu in their creations, making it popular in young generation," Singh says.

The singer, who has a steady following in India and Pakistan, believes that there is no shortcut to the profession of music. "Those who come in the field without learning classical music remain a bathroom singer and don't get a chance to become famous and even if they earn some name for them, their fame is short lived," he adds.

Singh says that the young musicians aspiring for a career in the music should keep their focus right and work hard.

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