Into the future

The year is 2176 AD and the planet is Mars, which is inhabited by 640,000 aliens. Unfortunately, they are called humans.

Earth is overpopulated to the point where life on Mars is a must. Lt Melanie Ballard, of the Mars Police Force, wants nothing more than to bring the planet’s most notorious criminal, Desolation Williams, to his knees. But right now, there’s a bigger problem festering – one that Williams, Lt Ballard, Jericho Butler and the rest of the gun-toting misfits will have to solve before the lights go out.

Human settlers digging for resources have accidentally excavated the unhappy residents of the red planet, driving them to embark on a campaign to exterminate all humans. Perhaps it’s time the hosts made their guests feel at home.

From the visionary director, John Carpenter, who brought fantastic futuristic, the likes of The Thing and Escape From New York, this man-against-Martian shocker delivers gory action faster than the critters can hand out eviction notices.

More adventures in store
Watch the fourth episode of Crusoe on September 14 at 9 pm on Fox History and Entertainment. Crusoe and Friday try to scare off a group of mutineers in search of supplies. Crusoe attempts to make an alliance with the captured captain in hope of getting off the island and back to his lady love, Susannah.

Funny: The characters of 'Billy Mandy Aur Life Mein Haddi'.Hilarious escapades of kids
Cartoon Network presents a fun-filled show Billy Mandy Aur Life Mein Haddi. The show revolves around two six year old kids — Billy and Mandy. Haddi is a skeleton in his afterlife.

Billy and Mandy have a pet called Chu-Chu. One day, Haddi comes to take the pet away but Billy and Mandy refuse to hand over the pet to Haddi. Haddi challenges them to a game of Parlok Premiere League.

The condition is if he wins, he gets to take Chu-Chu and if he losses, he will be Billy and Mandy’s servant for life. So don’t miss the funny escapades of Haddi, Billy and Mandy in Billy Mandy Aur Life Mein Haddi. September 14, the show airs every Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm.

Insight into history
World Cafe Asia airs on September 14 at 8 pm on Discovery Travel and Living. Street food and drink can often bring an insight to the history of the city’s people, the geography of the land. Whether it’s shark’s fin on the corner of a Thai street, or deep-fried fermented tofu in the night markets of Taipei, street food has always been one of the cornerstones of Asian life.

In World Cafe Asia, host Bobby Chinn escorts viewers to the best markets in Asia to experience a variety of their most well-known and delicious dishes.

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