From killer moves to killer looks

From killer moves to killer looks

STYLISH: Akshay with slashed eyebrows.

For this role, director Anthony D’Souza and Akshay Kumar sat down to create a look different from what Akshay has played before.

Anthony envisioned Akshay sporting an edginess in tune with his character of a rich businessman, who is ruthless and determined, once he sets his sight on something. That’s when Akshay suggested that they slash his eyebrows.

Needless to say the director was surprised at this unusual suggestion, but after pondering over it, he decided to go along with it. And the end result was fabulous. Now, the audiences will get to see Akshay sporting a slashed eyebrow which lends him a menacing look in the film.

Since Akshay plays a mature character, who’s been around the block and is very street-smart and savvy, the director decided to do away with the cliched French beards and goatees and instead opted for a very distinctive salt and pepper bearded look. Playing his age, the cut eyebrows combined with the beard gave him just the right killer touch. A very calculating and shrewd look that added a lot of character to his on-screen persona.

In this day and age where actors are extremely particular about their looks and body, here’s one actor who sure doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to get the perfect touch.

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