Minissha's arty connections

Minissha's arty connections

Effervescent: Minissha Lamba

For those who don’t know, the effervescent actress’ mother is an artist and
Minissha is her mother’s biggest fan. The walls of her house don the paintings made by her mother with around 25 paintings being displayed.

These paintings range from beautiful sceneries to psychedelics. Minissha loves the paintings so much that even if someone offered to buy them for a million dollars, she would refuse.

Minissha reveals that her mom has been painting for over two years. “Our entire house is packed with her work. A lot of my friends have asked her to hold an exhibition, but she doesn’t take them seriously. Recently, a man landed up at our doorstep expressing interest in one of mom’s paintings titled Glorious Elements. Later, he revealed that he had seen the painting on a friend’s camera phone and he got the address from him and wanted to buy the painting.”

But we all know what those works mean to the pretty actress. She politely turned down the offer, much to the gentleman’s dismay. After the incident, Minissha has convinced her mom to hold an exhibition.

“I think she needs to showcase her work. We are working on the formalities and plan to hold the exhibition sometime soon. I like the fact that people of all age groups love her paintings.” Money sure cannot buy everything, right Minissha?