18 more witnesses depose

18 more witnesses depose

II phase of inquiry by Somasekhara Commission

Even on this day, majority of the deposed witnesses were from Christian community as against seven Hindu memorialists. Rati Lingayath from Suda submitted a book “Anudina Aahara” preaching philosophies belonging to Christian community sent through post, before the Commission.

Advocate for Christian memorialists Mary Shrestha opposed the act of Shashikala Shetty who came along with many books on Christian philosophies given to her in Church. Shrestha urged the Commission not to allow her to do so. The other Hindu memorialists who deposed before the Commission included Ganesh Kunder, Shankar Kunder, Sathish Hedge, Ganesh Shettigar, and Vishwanath Kemannu.

Vincent Jaya D’Souza admitted that it is wrong to say that the Christian community people are involved in forceful conversion.

Neither they are concerned nor are they provoking the people from other religions to adopt Christianity. Majority Government offices are having the pictures of Hindu gods. Christian gods are nowhere to be seen in public offices. Government schools perform Sharada pooja and celebrate other Hindu religious festivals, he said.

Vilma Mascarenhas, Leslie D’Souza, Roshan Mascarenhas, Lidwin Pinto, Iden Alva were among others deposed before the Commission. The Commission’s Legal Advisor Raviparakash recorded all the statements by the witnesses. The sitting was adjourned until the next date of inquiry.

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