Snaps of a legend

Snaps of a legend

Snaps of a legend

A picture is worth a thousand words. This was clearly proved at K G Somshekar’s photo exhibition at Suchitra Cinema and Culture Academy. The exhibition included pictures taken of the well-known Indian filmmaker, Satyajit Ray. The exhibition was also in honour of Rabindranath Tagore’s 150th birthday and Satyajit Ray’s 100th, which both fall this May.

K G Somshekar is known for his portrait photography and has clicked over a  thousand personalities from different fields like science, theatre, dance, music, fine arts and more.

He has been practicing photography for over 40 years. “I like photographing only people above 50 years of age and who have contributed to their field of interest with no expectations in return,” he said.  Somshekar does not click photos of film stars, cricketers or politicians who have enough publicity already.

A unique feature of this photographer is that he uses only available light and does not use the flash.  The exhibition was inaugurated in a simple manner. During the inauguration, the president of Suchitra Academy, Mr V N Subba Rao, said, “To be able to
exhibit photos of Satyajit Ray, is such a rare opportunity.”

G Bhaskar, a senior cinematographer, spoke of Satyajit Ray’s early explorations into the craft of filmmaking.

K G Somshekar admitted to being fascinated by the different expressions one can make in a conversation. “I used to paint portraits but now, I capture these expressions with a camera,” he said. The photos portray different moods of Satyajit, from deep thought to vexation, laugher and calmness. “Satyajit has a very mobile face”, he added.  Somshekar approached Satyajit Ray in Bangalore during the International Film Festival, in 1980.

The two had a short conversation in a lift at the Ashoka Hotel, which led to Satyajit Ray agreeing to get his pictures clicked. These are the photos exhibited at the event.  “I don’t take full credit for my photos. 75 per cent of it goes to my subject and the rest to me,” said Somshekar, very humbly.

When asked if photography can make a good career, Somshekar stated, “Have a keen sense of observation. If you love your subject, you will naturally be good at it.” He advises one to focus on one theme and look around, as society is full of subjects.  Satyajit Rays films are known to brought Indian cinemas to the International level. “The younger generation should watch Ray’s powerful films, it is sure to change one’s attitude”, Somshekar concluded. The exhibition will be on till May 27.