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In touch with reality

All of Nagathihalli Chandrashekar’s films are well-researched and based on real-life incidents. As a filmmaker, he uses his creativity, knowledge and imagination to portray issues affecting a large section of people in a sensitive manner.

His latest project, ‘Breaking News’ with Ajay Rao and Radhika Pandit in the lead, is a satirical comedy. It is directed, written and produced by Nagathihalli.

The film is a take on the media and what it conceives as breaking news. “The trivial, irrelevant and insignificant things are picked up by the media and dubbed as breaking news. The media doesn’t bother about issues that matter to people. The electronic and print media resort to sensationalism and this takes away the seriousness,” explains Nagathihalli.
The film has Ajay playing the role of a journalist and Radhika, a college-going mischievous lass.

“It’s a romantic comedy shot in the backdrop of the contemporary political drama,” he adds.
So is he targetting any particular group or section through this film?

“No, I am not targetting anybody. As a filmmaker, I have used my freedom and creativity to script a story relevant to the present times. The audience may draw parallels to people in real-life situations. But that’s left to individual interpretation,” he observes.

Nagathihalli points out, “A romantic story unfolds amidst high-pitched political drama. Ajay and Radhika have both played their roles exceptionally well.” Some of the other senior actors in the cast are Ananth Nag, Rangayana Raghu, Sihi Kahi Chandru, Sadhu Kokila and Mandya Ramesh.

A slice of rural life

First-time director Raghvendra Kamath is all smiles as his debut film ‘Gandhi Smiles’ has finally hit the big screen. But before getting there, the movie had already made an impact at the ‘Bengaluru International Film Festival’ and even won the Karnataka State Film Award for the best female playback singer. “Yes, it did take long for the film to reach the common man but we couldn’t help it because we had to pass many hurdles. Unavailability of theatres was a major reason. But now I am happy as people will finally get to see the film,” he adds.

‘Gandhi Smiles’ is based on the Gandhian concept of Gram Swaraj. The film talks about an incident where a married man, who is a Gowda, impregnates an unmarried Dalit girl in a village. And 12 villagers from different walks of life come forward to solve the case.

Ask the director about the similarities the film has to ‘12 Angry Men’ and even the recently-released ‘Dashamukha’ and he states, “The film has very little to do with the English film. In fact, the only similarity is the fact that 12 people from different walks of life solve the case. Nothing else is similar.”   

The movie was recently screened at the Vidhana Soudha, making it the first Kannada movie to be showcased there. “Many MLAs and MLCs watched my movie and even enjoyed it. Some of them even asked for another screening but I don’t know how far will I be able to showcase it out there again,” he adds.

The best reaction Raghavendra received for his film was from the audience in one of the theatres. “Many people came up to me after the first show and said this was a good film and wondered why I hadn’t done many promotional activities for it. I actually thought people would classify it as an art film but I am happy to know that even the masses are enjoying it,” he sums up. 

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