French 'executives' learn lessons at IIMB

French 'executives' learn lessons at IIMB

Not only did they learn about the Indian culture but also the business opportunities and scope in Bangalore during the week-long stay at IIMB from September 7.

The students, who are working executives, visited many companies and attended lectures.
In return, a group of 14 IIMB students will visit the Paris-based institute in December, to learn about how the corporate sector functioned. 

At the valedictory of the exchange programme on Saturday, IIMB director, Prof Pankaj Chandra said if the Yashpal Committee report was accepted, all universities would get autonomous status. In fact, the academicians in the committee were eager to see it through, he added. 

Problems addressed

He said that it was a progressive step to make the Common Admission Test (CAT) online. "However, all problems revolving around the CAT application have been addressed. Being the first venture online, there will be minor hiccups which are being tackled," he said.
 However, he pointed out that students should also be very careful in filling the form. He suggested that they could take a hard copy of the application, fill it and then copy the data online, thereby reducing the chances of error. Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, he said, has been supportive of student exchange programme for many years.

In fact, 90 students are scheduled to visit the institute, this year, with 63 students from IIMB presently visiting various international universities.

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