These government schools defy general notion

These government schools defy general notion

These government schools defy general notion

Good Samaritan pays  ` 1,000 to each student for passing SSLC exams, who are mostly children of migrant labourers.

The general opinion about Government schools is that they lack quality and infrastructure. However, this opinion has been proved wrong by Baikampady Angaragundi Government Composite High School and Krishnapura Composite Government High School by bagging cent per cent results.

Further, of the two schools, Angaragundi school’s achievement is special because of the fact that the school has majority of migrant labourers’ kids studying here. The school had bagged 93 per cent last year and this year, it has reached to the magic number of 100 per cent.

The school has as its topper Gajalakshmi with 502 marks. The topper does not come from a well to do family. Her parents are migrant labourers from Tamil Nadu.

It is said that a social activist had visited the school with the intention of handing over drinking water equipment through Lions Club. This activist saw the school and decided to improve the standard of education in the school. This activist provided guidance to the teaching staff including various methods of teaching, which could get cent per cent result for the school.

There were 33 students studying in SSLC. Of the lot, nine were average students while two were lagging extremely back in studies. Remaining students were confident of passing the examination.

The activist handpicked six students from the class and gave them charge as the leaders.
Six groups were formed under their leadership. Immediately the group study techniques were taught to the children. The groups were asked to find solutions for problem in groups. If they found solutions, they were lauded and if they failed, then they could go to the teachers for help.

The activist also announced cash prize of Rs 1000 per student if they passed the SSLC examination. This prize came with a clause. The prize money of all the students would be cancelled as per the condition if even one student fails.

Who is this activist?

The activist had readily given Rs 33,000 from his own pocket beaming a smile of contentment. He is none other than Jayaram Shriyan, a social worker who has already provided hygienic drinking water to over 15 schools in the region so far under his Trust ‘Issues and Concerns’.Though Shriyan crusades for saving water, he had also provided nutritious food to the students in many schools.

At Angaragundi school, he is a visitor who comes to meet kids once in a week. He comes to the school to hand over 17 kg of ground nuts or pulses for the kids.

As a freelance journalist, Shriyan brings out a monthly magazine named ‘Issues and Concerns’. He also owns a hospital named ‘Chirashree’ in Surathkal.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Shriyan said that teachers had a great role to play in the success of the school.

“I have seen the empowerment of students in the schools. The teachers too have toiled selflessly. From February, they have conducted special classes every Saturday afternoon and on Sundays. This has contributed to the result,” he said adding that he intends to continue the group study model in the school even this academic year.

Expectation met

Though the school had set the target of scoring cent per cent result, it was fulfilled this year, said the Angaragundi schoolHead Master Thimmappa Gowda.

Remembering the support of UB Group, Sequent Company, Rotary Club and Jayaram Shriyan, Gowda said that the special classes of Saturday and Sunday played a vital role in preparing students for the examination.

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