Small screen's Gattu turns producer

Small screen's Gattu turns producer

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TV buffs remember him as Gattu of Baa, Bahu Aur Baby, the slightly older recollect him as Aamir’s friend in Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander and Gen Y connect to him as Rishi Kapoor’s mentally challenged in Agneepath.

Metrolife brings you popular television actor, Deven Bhojani, as he puts on the cap of producer with his new serial Bhai, Bhaiya Aur Brother.

Donning the hats of actor, director and producer is not easy but Deven does justice. He defines his role of a producer as “challenging” and “met atleast 75 writers to choose the right one for Bhai… as they play a very important role in a comic serial.”

For those who still miss his Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Deven consoles, “If people loved Sarabhai.. then I am sure that they will love Bhai.. as well. I am proud that God has given me this talent – to make people laugh. In today’s time when lives are so stressed, comedy is the best de-stresser going around.”

The actor regards Gattu’s role as special. “Gattu’s popularity was immense. When this role was discussed and Aatish Kapadia asked me to do it, I agreed immediately because it was a brilliant character.”

To prepare for this character, Deven “went to an orphanage and observed autistic children,” which helped him build it on screen. “We used to get calls and letters saying things like “Aaj Gattu ne khana nai khaya to mere bete ne bhi nahi khaya”, “Baa ko Gattu ko chanta nahi marna chahiye tha”!”

This made the actor happy since he managed “to convey the ethos behind the character of Gattu to the audience.”

Acting though, came by luck to this comic, “I was a studious child but one day, I saw the college notice board that announced auditions for a play and I decided to just have a go at it. I was selected to play the lead and ended up playing a sadistic Brahmin.”

He took up acting professionally subsequently and struck gold with Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, where he plays Aamir’s friend. “Jo Jeeta… was the turning point. I also got the best supporting nomination for it!”

Enamoured by films, he didn’t want to work in TV. “I was too apprehensive to work in TV when Dekh Bhai Dekh was offered but since it was produced by Jaya Bachchan, I took it up. I thought of switching back to films after Dekh... but the serial became so popular that I was recognised even in local trains! There has been no looking back since then.”

Often referred to as Mr Perfectionist of small screen, Deven says “I am a typical Virgo and do a lot of research and homework before my character or direction. Before accepting any character, I check whether I’ll be able to enjoy it or whether I will do justice to the script.” But why the cameo in Agneepath? “I wanted to experience how film people are working these days.”

But with he informs with a touch of sadness: “Many of my scenes were edited from the film. As a director I understand and don’t regret the editing but as an actor I feel bad. It pinches because the whole cast and crew praised me.”

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