From dull to designer

From dull to designer

We all want our homes to look cosy, friendly, arty and eclectic; yet, we are afraid to undertake a home decor project which would be all or even some of the above. Luckily it is not difficult to make our homes look eclectic with minimal changes.

The first step in creating a cosy home is to strike a balance between crisp and cosy. Many of us think cosy implies ‘old’ and pick up used items at random from all over the place and throw them together. This will look jarring. To avoid the ‘flea market’ look we need to devote some space to a modern display.

For example, we can have a wall decorated with photos or pictures in a classy frame. This will be a perfect counterpoint for your favourite used articles even if they are mismatched.

Colour schemes

When you move into a home, you don’t have much choice with regard to wall colour. If, in addition to that, your furniture is also understated (such as a light-toned sofa sitting on a pale floor) you will need to spice up the room’s personality with “small stuff.”

These could be decorative throws and pillows, stacks of books, or even a small arty coffee table with matching end-tables.

Nothing spells “colour” like an area rug. Sisal rugs are a not too expensive addition and are easily available. Often, a TV spoils the spirit of a space.

How can we avoid falling into this trap? Don’t treat it as a focal point or as something to hide. Instead, weave it into a casual display of black-and-white objects: bowls, pretty stones, and framed photos can help it blend into the surroundings.

Islands of beauty

Nothing sets the tone for your whole house as fresh flowers in an airy arrangement.

Showcase what you love. Do not be afraid to show off what you love. If they are special for you then they bring out the best in you. My son made a plate with a picture etched into it when he was six years old. Picasso he was not; but the colours were so vivid that I have always given it pride of place – it makes a wonderful conversation piece!

Make an ordinary spot enchanting. We often pay little heed to one of the most important areas of our home – the entryway, which may be a foyer.

If this area is very small, you could give it the impression of being larger by using a decorative mirror against a wall. Also, the markets and cottage industry places are full of pretty yet functional knick knacks which are perfect for this area – like key holders, mail satchels, and the list go on.

Bring peace to work zones. With the computer taking over our lives, we spend an inordinate amount of time in our work areas; some of us even work from home. It is, therefore, important that this environment does not stress us out.

To make a work area inviting, hide all signs of stress within closed storage and exhibit only what’s inspiring.

If you don’t already do so, use the electronic calendars provided by your ‘mail system’ and do away with tens of yellow post-it notes which are constant attention grabbers, in addition to being not so aesthetically pleasing.

Instead have one collage where the sky is the limit – from cartoons to kindergarten pictures to favourite quotes.

These are some simple ideas to transform a dull home to a pleasant one with eclectic taste. These same ideas can be used in the other areas of the house like the bedroom.

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