Consider inter-linking of rivers seriously, urge Legislators

Consider inter-linking of rivers seriously, urge Legislators

MLC calls for a state run TV channel dedicated to farmers and implementation of drip irrigation

Independent MLC Y A Narayanaswamy and BJP MLC Shankarappa said that the state should seriously consider linking the rivers in the state. The MLCs suggested that interlinking would provide relief particularly in light of the fact that several districts have been inundated by floods while other districts are crippled by drought this year. Narayanswamy also called for a state run television channel dedicated to farmers and the implementation of drip irrigation in all districts.

Other ideas which were put forward for agriculture reform at the council included the revival of tanks and lakes in the state. While Narayanaswamy called for a Lake Development Authority for the entire state, MLC Sidda Nyamagouda (Cong) pointed out fundamental flaws in programmes like Jala Souharda Yojane, implemented in Bijapur for the creation of lakes.

He said that every village needed a lake, but the lakes dug in Bijapur had no way of filling water and had to rely on water being pumped, instead of being filled naturally. This was counter productive and unless there was a way of filling the lakes naturally, it should not be attempted, he maintained.

Meanwhile, BJP MLC Ganesh Karnik said the government should consider educating farmers on fresh cropping patterns to improve yield and profitability.
 He said that there could be three times more yield if the existing cropping patterns were reviewed.

While Professor Leela Rao of the BJP spoke about the necessity to discourage genetically modified crops, JD(S) MLC Chikkamadhu said that the government should look to discourage middle men and agents who were robbing the farmers of their livelihood.

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