Weed menace adds to farmers' woes

Weed menace adds to farmers' woes

Weed menace adds to farmers' woes

The growth of weeds after the pre-monsoon showers, has become a major threat for Srinivaspur farmers.

The fertility of the soil is marred by its widespread growth and the farmers are finding it difficult to cope up with the problem. The yield from a few prime crops is at stake causing a serious blow to the farmers.

The plants are prone to allergy and several other diseases due to the growth of weeds like parthenium and others.

This poses a serious health hazard to the farmers and the people involved in cleaning it, because of which a few workers are hesitant to remove them.

The mango season that has just begun, has also failed to bring good yield, and the farmers have to bear the brunt of these problems.

Huge amount is involved in eradication of the weeds, which has added to their woes.

“It is not necessary that weeds are always harmful. They can be eradicated using a weed cutter and can be mixed with the fertilisers which can be largely beneficial to the seeds,”  environment expert Rampur Ashok said.

He added that they are a good replacement and can avoid the harm caused by chemical fertilisers which is why the farmers should not chop them and set it on fire.