A safe challenge?

A safe challenge?

Increasing pressure 

Most college students have to choose between a course that genuinely interests them and one that ensures a good pay in the long run.

 In spite of the wide range of courses available, the most common choice for many is engineering. But engineering, a course that requires one to master the skills of time management, determination and focus, is definitely not a cakewalk!

This course demands a lot of hard work and dedication. So are the engineering students today able to balance their education with the extracurricular activities?
Is the hype about engineering being pressurising course actually true? Metrolife
finds out.

Sanjana Hudson, a student of information science at PESIT, says, “A majority of students take up engineering and do well, which results in all of us applying for the same job. It is this factor that adds pressure, making one want to stand out.”

Since there is a lot of portion with little time to study, students feel burdened, as it limits them to absorb only a little.

“I have no complaints even though it’s a hectic course,” she adds.
There are many students who opt for engineering because of their parents.
Eapen Ittiyera, a student of computer science, says, “I picked engineering because of my parents and now I’ve grown used to the course.”

He has been able to manage his time well and take part in various cultural
activities too.

“I trust my parents’ decision, so I’m sure the struggle will payoff later,” he adds.
Most feel that the course isn’t as tough as it is made out to be. Vindhya Chandrashekaran, a student of computer science engineering with integrated MBA says, “Engineering is all about your grades, GPAs and CGPAs.

The pressure starts to build when these grades are not consistent.” She feels that all the pressure is worth it for those who have their goals set. “Widen your scope outside engineering as well. Focus in college, learn something new outside and do something fun every summer,” is her advice.

Jerin Joy, a final year student of mechanical engineering, also believes the same.
“I wouldn’t say it’s pressurising because it all depends on the individual. Just do your best and forget the rest,” he says.

Jerin chose engineering out of his own interest and feels that if the course was more practical than theoretical, it would have been more interesting for the students.
So to ensure that you complete the course successfully, make sure your grades are consistent.
Leah Anna Joseph

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