Understanding and achieving real happiness

Understanding and achieving real happiness

Today, let us understand what is real happiness and how we can achieve it. Happiness is the true, original nature of our soul. Since we have not experienced it, we do not believe in it.

Till now, whatever happiness we think we have experienced has been based on external, sensory stimuli, expectations from ourselves, our family and society, and on our own mindsets of how things should be.

When these expectations are not met our bubble of joy bursts. Thus this kind of happiness is transient and temporary.

Real happiness is to be free from all attachments, expectations and mindsets, to be rid of the sense of superiority, separateness and duality. Happiness is to identify with all of God’s creation, which comes with identifying with our Spirit.

When we identify with our spirit, we will always be in joy irrespective of any situation, just like the ocean’s natural state of fullness makes it to surge and dance.

In spiritual terms, this happiness is called Bliss or Sat-Chit-Ananda, which can be reached only through meditation.

Meditation gives us a simple outlook on complex issues. It will help us lead a life bereft of deceit and disillusion.  Meditation strips us of all our layers of ignorance and projects our true inner Self to ourselves and the world.

Then society will also drop expectations of us and start accepting us as we are. This will make us experience happiness.

Meditation makes time expand. When we make a little time for meditation, we see that all our worldly tasks get accomplished on time, with perfection, finesse and flourish.

Meditation gives us the awareness of what to do when and how, and what to avoid when and how. It will give us insights on when to sit quiet and when to be active.

Meditation gives us integrity and shows us how precious and auspicious we are in the eyes of God.

All our insecurities vanish in the light of this knowledge. When we meditate the mind becomes light, beautiful, and filled with enthusiasm.

It makes start every day feeling fresh, confident and inspired. As we grow in meditation, we will rise like a rocket with the satellite of our soul inside us.

As we rise higher and higher, we will automatically start shedding our excess load of fears, blind beliefs, ignorance and attachments. Finally we will be launched into the space of our Chit- inner consciousness- to float freely and meet our true Self- Sat- and experience everlasting happiness- Ananda. This is Sat-Chit-Ananda or Bliss.

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