Bogged down by bullies

Bogged down by bullies


great impact Bullying can affect children emotionally.Be it obesity or shyness, there are many reasons why one is bullied in school or even college.

It has become a harsh reality in the country and has been happening for a long time now.

Bullying has an effect on the mental framework of a growing child and its outcome can hamper the child’s overall growth. Psychologists say that in most cases, a child who has been bullied in school turns out to be less confident, shy and emotionally unstable.

“Children who have been bullied at a young age suffer from a huge complex. Some may be able to overcome it while the others might carry their experiences with them throughout most of their adult life. A child can use bullying as one of the tactics to dominate his or her peer group,” says Avinash Swarup, a child psychologist.

Parents, whose children have been bullied, feel their kids are vulnerable in many situations.

“My daughter was on the plumper side when she was growing up and was continuously bullied by her classmates regarding her weight. The effects are still there. She is a health-freak,” informs Anju Malhotra, a homemaker. She further adds that her daughter was always insecure about her looks when she was growing up. It is only now that she has become confident.

Shweta, a 21-year-old, feels that she is not as good as her friends and siblings. “I was bullied throughout my school and college life as I am very small-built. My elder brothers and his friends used to bully me for being thin and frail.

During my teenage years, I had a very low self-esteem and never had the confidence to even stand up and read in class. Now, I have worked on it and things have improved to a large extent. I will definitely teach my children not to bully others,” she smiles.

Those who have been bullied have a strong memory of the bullying sessions. Some even feel that they have emerged as stronger individuals who are faring much better in life than the others. “I feel I am a better human being as I have survived some difficult days. I have a better career than most of the people who bullied and teased me and I am happy on the personal front,” adds Shweta.

But not all have been able to get past their childhood experiences. “I used to have nightmares when I was growing up. Everyday was a struggle for me in school and I hardly had any friends in class. It was difficult to sit in a class in which everyone was judging you constantly. I was not a very good student and repeated a few grades.

The other students in the class kept away from me, giggled at me and bullied me during lunch breaks,” said Anamika Sahay, a web designer. She goes on to say that approaching the teachers was of no help and despite her parents complaining to the school authorities, the bullying went on.

“Things became better for me only in college as I chose a subject of my choice and excelled in it. Since then I have never looked back and bagged several awards for my work. However, I still suffer from a low self-esteem and mood swings,” she wraps up.

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