Potato sowing picks up pace in Mulbagal

Potato sowing picks up pace in Mulbagal

Farmers are primarily dependent on private enterprises for sowing seeds, predominantly brought from North India.

Depending upon the quality, the seed costs Rs 800 to Rs 1,200 for a bag of 50 kgs. The seeds are also available locally some times. It requires eight bags of seeds per acre.
A load of poultry manure, costing Rs 10,000 is a must for the crop. In addition, manure and DAP are also used. Farmers expect a yield of at least ten bags per acre and a price of Rs 300 per bag ensures minimum return for the grower, says G Narayanaswamy of Gangapura.


Families dependent on agriculture had suffered a lot when the price of potato plummeted on an earlier occasion. Some had left the crop at the fields itself. The demand for a cold storage unit that took birth during this time, died down over the course of time.
It would be of great benefit to the farming community if the Agriculture Department chalks out plan to provide cold storage facility, if the need arises.

Similarly, collection information on potato growers by the Agriculture Deparment in association with Revenue Department would help in distributing compensation in case of crop failure.  Amidst these pitfalls  the growers are hoping for a bumper harvest.