'I would like to learn new languages'

Intense character

'I would like to learn new languages'

Actor Chetan believes discretion is the better part of professional excellence. He is in no hurry to have his movies release one after the other or have his name all over the place.

He is one among the very few actors who handles one film at a time but gives it his all so that it has all the hallmarks of perfection.

Apart from acting, Chetan devotes a good part of his time to writing and if time permits, packs in some time for a bit of music as well — which means he has his hands full.

After Dashamukha, an offbeat cinema which projected him in a totally new character, he is now working on Mynaa that has all the trappings of a commercial film.

“The script is based on a true life incident that happened in Bangalore in 2008. There’s the right dose of romance, emotion and all the characters have been given their due in the movie,” Chetan tells Metrolife.

He confesses that he fell in love with the script the moment he heard it. “It really tugs at your heartstrings. It’s about a young man who is genuine and goes out of his way to do anything for those he loves.

He has no ulterior motive and works sincerely towards his goal,” he says and adds, “but he gets caught in the web of the power structure and is torn between what he believes in and the system itself, that sometimes, doesn’t allow one to go the way they want to.”

Chetan confesses that he relates to his character in Mynaa pretty well. “I am very fond of the character, both at an intellectual and emotional level. Society has two kinds of people – a section which struggles hard and another in a privileged position.

Power dynamics play their part in every society and I think in a certain sense all this rat race that we see around us erodes the original fabric of society,” reasons Chetan. 

Chetan feels that Mynaa captures the entire range of emotions such as love, action and drama. “There are moments when the character would do just about anything for those he loves and at some other point he might be pushed to the wall and ends up beating up people. This is the contrast people will get to see,” he explains.

Mynaa has Malayalam actress Nithya Menon in the lead, opposite Chetan.  Chetan has a couple of offers in Kannada and has also been in talks with a few people from another film industry.

But he says that he wants to live a simple life. “I could survive in just one dhoti and T-shirt. I do things that I believe in. One movie at a time is good for me,” he says.

He also has a fetish for languages. “I have a thing for learning languages. I’ve learnt a bit of Urdu, Telugu and a couple more. I would like to learn new languages, regardless of which language industry I am working in,” he wraps up.

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