An emotional goodbye

An emotional goodbye


An emotional goodbye

This is the perfect way to bid adieu,” said Sreshti, Priyanka, Siddharth, Renuka, Bharathi, Shilpa, Aditi, Ekta, Vinutha, Rajiv and Onkar, the graduating
of students of MSc biotechnology of M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce.

The atmosphere at the graduation day was a mesmerising  one – replete with emotions and memories. 

The day had an emotional start with the projection of all the cherished memories of the students which made them go down memory lane and realise what they were going to leave behind.

No memorable day can be up to the mark without hard work.

The same went for this day as well.

So the students thanked all their college authorities, lecturers and juniors who made this day a big day for all of them.

Their glistening and flashing performances made the goodbye memorable.

As the students realised how fast the two years had flown by and that the good times had come to an end, they just stood numb.

For them, it was a remarkable way to end their college life and move ahead.

As they sat with their classmates, the students knew that no matter how life would change, they would be still be friends forever.

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