Ban on sun film rains money!

Ban on sun film rains money!

Traders charging ` 250 to remove old one, ` 1800 to fix new one

Ban on sun film rains money!

With police sounding a warning bell against keeping cars with sun film, vehicle owners are rushing towards the shops.

Apparently, it’s the shops offering the services making a windfall either way.

The shops are charging between Rs 250 and Rs 300 to remove the existing tint and Rs 1,900 to Rs 2,500 to redo the glasses with films complying with the orders of Supreme Court. For the wind screens- front and rear- the films should be 70 per cent transparent and for side windows- 40 per cent.

The afore mentioned rate, as told to Deccan Herald by a shop owner, is that of good quality.

The gareware sun control will cost Rs1,900 and for another high quality film by bluemax- it’s Rs 2,500. In the case of gareware, it comes with one-year warranty.
In case of any damage- either in the form of a cut or bubbles within the said period, the company will replace the film.

In the case of another, the quality is guaranteed forever, says the trader.

On Wednesday, all the shops selling sun films were replete with cars, jeeps and other types of four-wheelers.

At a time nearly three workers were engaged for each of the vehicles, yet there was no dearth of vehicles in tail.

 The workers were deftly removing the film and cleaning the screens after spraying shampoo mixed water.

Lucky were those whose call was attended in a jiffy, as equal lot of people had to bring in their vehicles at allotted time. Strange is, once the sun film is removed, not many are willing to go for the new one according to the SC rules.

 It may be either due to exorbitant cost or the usual feeling that- what if, there is another order which may be in contrast to existing one.  Some are also of the feeling that, once the sun film is removed, the car looks different.

A shop’s owner told this newspaper that, of 100 cars, 30 per cent to 40 per cent opt for the new film. 

Rest are willing to take the chance. According to another, the new film is of company made and comes at a price. 

Locally made films are set to enter the market soon and also comes at an affordable rate, suffice to woo the remaining customers.

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