State of the art RTO office to come up in Manipal soon

The new building will have optimiser, to store 2 lakh records, says RTO

The new RTO office coming up near End Point in Manipal is first of its kind among other RTO offices in the State and houses some unique features. The spacious structure is built at the cost of Rs 4.95 crore and offers many amenities to the public.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, RTO H N Ramesh said the building will be open for public service probably by the end of July. “We have sent a proposal to Karnataka State Housing Board Corporation, to introduce some special features in the new office. In turn, KSHBC has written to Transport Commissioner. Transport Commissioner has forwarded the proposal to Principal Secretary of Transport for the approval. Once we get the approval, the work will be entrusted to the KSHBC,” he said.

The structure will have interlocking and a levelled site besides other civil works aiding beautification of the building.

The RTO said that at present the RTO works at two rented buildings at Adi Udupi. These two offices are congested and have created lots of inconveniences to the public who visit the office.

“We do not have sufficient space to provide seating facilities to more than many visitors who visit our office everyday. The new building is designed in such a way that it can accommodate more than 1000 visitors.”

The most striking feature of the new office is “optimisers” that are being set up to accommodate more than two lakh records of the vehicles. This is for the first time that is being done in a RTO office in the state. RTO says “optimisers are nothing but sophisticated form of storage racks. A proposal has been sent and we are expecting the approval from Principal Secretary of Transport shortly to go ahead with the project. We have nearly two lakh of records and at present we keep it in an open space.”

Besides, elaborate seating arrangements for the visitors, training centre is also part of the new RTO office. This training centre is set up for the public who come seeking driving licenses. The RTO said that the building where the office is working at present had no such facilities and major problem was the lack of space. “We could not provide better facilities to the public following which official transactions were also affected,” he said.

A waiting lounge with attractive facilities is also made available for public at the new office, RTO added.

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