Dead snake found in juice pack

Finding a worm in a half-eaten apple is disgusting, but for two women in the town, the worst was to see a dead baby snake in their half-consumed juice pack.

The head of the dead snake sticks out of the juice pack.

Syed Mohammad Safwan, a resident of  Good Luck Road on Wednesday bought several 200-ml tetra packs of ‘Maa’ mango fruit juice from a local bakery.

While returning home, his daughter Sahifa, 22, drank juice from one of the packs, and passed it to her mother Umme Salma, 45.

But Salma was unable to take a sip from the pack using the straw.

Confused, she pulled the straw out and was shocked to see the head of the snake emerge out of the tiny hole, stuck to the straw.

They pulled it out and found that the three-inch baby snake was already dead. The women immediately threw up and fainted.

Sahifa and her mother were admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment, said Safwan.
Safwan brought it to the notice of the bakery owner, who lodged a complaint with the town police station.

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