'Experimental school' to open on June 10

Swaroopa Adhyayana Kendra will be launching ‘Swaroopa Childhood Centre- Basic Family School’ for children between upto 6 years on June 10 at Abhayashraya, Kodialbail in Mangalore.

Addressing a press meet, Swaroopa Director Gopadkar said that the school will be the first and foremost experimental school in the country. The teaching method will be unique. A demand will be created in the child and instruction will be provided according to its reception and keeping them alert by enhancing internal observation.

There will be an everyday change of six set-ups, beginning session by a story from eminent personalities, short-film, reading-writing, study-play and everything artistic.

Jnana Vikasa Women Programme President Hemavathi Heggade, Jago Bharath Convener Chakravarthi Sulibele, Eminent Artist B K S Varma, Vidhvan Hieremagalur Kannan, Abhayashraya Sanchalak Srinath Hegde and well known artist Gururaj Marpalli will be the chief guests at the launch.

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