Karan signs Emraan for next, says there's always a right time

Karan signs Emraan for next, says there's always a right time

 Filmmaker Karan Johar, who is teaming up with Emraan Hashmi for two of his films, seems to be taken by the actor's talent and his steady success graph in Bollywood.

The serial kisser would be seen in Johar's next home production film to be directed by Rensil D'Silva.

"Emraan is doing a film for us, Rensil is directing it. And we are also talking to Emraan for another project. I have great amount of respect and regard for him and his talent and the way he strategies his career. He is very talented actor. It is never late, there is always a right time," Karan Johar told PTI in an exclusive interview.
"I think when Emraan and I come together it should be for the right film. I am glad we have found the right script," he said.

With the recent string of hits including 'Once Upon A Time in Mumbai', 'Murder 2' 'The Dirty Picture' and 'Jannat 2' Emraan is being considered as a bankable star.
"I always liked him from before. I liked him in ‘Once Upon A Time in Mumbai’, ‘The Dirty Picture’, I think he really suited the role so well. For this film (untitled) the script suited him... it is different for him and yet it suited him tremendously. I am really very excited about it," he said.

When Emraan is there in a film, it is bound to have some intimate scenes. Ask Johar about this and he says, "I don’t think that the script allows. Like in ‘Shanghai’ he has broken the mould and it is lovely to have an actor who de-constructs his image. It is wonderful he is doing well."

Gossip mills were abuzz with rumors that Kareena Kapoor might be starring opposite Emraan but Johar preferred to be tight lipped about it.

"The film has a strong ensemble cast, like Emraan, lots of people are there in it.. like Kangana, Randeep Hooda and host of young brilliant actors. We will announce the film with title and cast very soon. It is about individual paths, there is no predominant love story. It is too early to talk about it (story line)," Johar said.