Bolt too good for Powell

Jamaican blames new blocks for slow start; Pearson triumphs

Jamaica's world record holder Usain Bolt blamed a new type of starting blocks after being made to work for victory in the 100 metres at the Diamond League meeting in Oslo on Thursday. 

Bolt found himself in the unusual position of second, behind compatriot Asafa Powell with 10 metres to go, before edging ahead to win in a meeting record of 9.79 seconds. “The blocks have changed from last season,” the Olympic champion told a news conference. 

“For me, when I came on the blocks, the reaction was good but the execution -- because I was less comfortable -- execution from the blocks was not that good. 

“I'm not very happy with my new blocks. I think I need to go back to the old blocks. “When I get everything all right, I can really relax and be myself. Now there are a few things I need to work on, so in trying to get those things first and then I can get back to be myself,” Bolt added. 

After crossing the line, Bolt collided with a flower girl on the track, catching her as she stumbled and then hugging her with a big grin on his face. 

Powell's time of 9.85 was his best of the season and Lerone Clarke completed a Jamaican sweep of the top three with a time of 10.10. 

Powell, who had been well beaten by Bolt in Rome a week ago, appeared much happier with his performance this time out. 

“It was a season best, which is what I need right now, to keep improving,” the former world record holder told reporters. “This is not the Olympics and I wasn't really training for this event. This means that it (the Olympics) is going to be awesome.”

Australia's 100 metres hurdler Sally Pearson, who like Bolt is red-hot favourite to win her event at the London Olympics, appeared none the worse for wear after her 29-hour trip to Norway with a comfortable victory in 12.49, equalling her world leading time. 

Double Olympic champion Kenenisa Bekele's issues with form continued when he could manage fifth only over the 5,000 metres on a sunny evening. The Ethiopian world record holder clocked 13 minutes 0.54 seconds. 

Results: Men: 100M: Usain Bolt (Jam) 9.79 seconds, 1; Asafa Powell (Jam) 9.85, 2; Lerone Clarke (Jam) 10.10, 3.

Mile: Asbel Kiprop (Ken) 3:49.22, 1; Caleb Mwangangi Ndiku (Ken) 3:50.00, 2; Mekonnen Gebremedhin (Eth) 3:50.02, 3.

5000M: Dejen Gebremeskel (Eth) 12:58.92, 1; Hagos Gebrhiwet (Eth) 12:58.99, 2; Imane Merga (Eth) 12:59.77, 3. 400M hurdles: Javier Culson (Pur) 47.92, 1; Jehue Gordon (Tri) 48.78, 2; Justin Gaymon (US) 48.97, 3. Pole vault: Renaud Lavillenie (Fra) 5.82 metres, 1; Malte Mohr (Ger) 5.62, 2; Lukasz Michalski (Pol) 5.52, 3. Triple jump: Lyukman Adams (Rus) 17.09, 1; Christian Taylor (US) 17.06, 2; Sheryf El-Sheryf (Ukr) 17.03, 3. Shot put: Tomasz Majewski (Pol) 21.36, 1; Dylan Armstrong (Can) 20.82, 2; David Storl (Ger) 20.69, 3.

Javelin: Vitezslav Vesely (Cze) 88.11, 1; Fatih Avan (Tur) 83.82, 2; Andreas Thorkildsen (Nor) 82.30, 3. 

Women: 100M: Ezinne Okparaebo (Nor) 11.31, 1; ChaRonda Williams (US) 11.44, 2; Sheri-Ann Brooks (Jam) 11.44, 3. 200M: Murielle Ahoure (CIV) 22.42, 1; Abiodun Oyepitan (Bri) 22.71, 2; ChaRonda Williams (US) 22.75, 3. 400M: Amantle Montsho (Bot) 49.68, 1; Patricia Hall (Jam) 50.71, 2; Debbie Dunn (US) 51.22, 3. 1500M: Abeba Arigawe (Eth) 4:02.42, 1; Genzebe Dibaba (Eth) 4:03.28, 2; Anna Mishchenko (Ukr) 4:03.33, 3.100M hurdles: Sally Pearson (Aus) 12.49, 1; Kristi Castlin (US) 12.56, 2; Tiffany Ofili-Porter (Bri) 12.70, 3.

3000M steeplechase: Milcah Chemos Cheywa (Ken) 9:07.14, 1; Sofia Assefa (Eth) 9:09.00, 2; Hiwot Ayalew (Eth) 9:09.61, 3.

High jump: Chaunte Lowe (US) 1.97, 1; Tia Hellebaut (Bel) 1.93, 2; Marina Aitova (Kaz) 1.90, 3.

Long jump: Olga Kucherenko (Rus) 6.96, 1; Elena Sokolova (Rus) 6.89, 2; Janay DeLoach (US) 6.78, 3.

Discus throw: Sandra Perkovic (Cro) 64.89, 1; Nadine Mueller (Ger) 63.60, 2; Yarelis Barrios (Cub) 63.57, 3.

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