Now, blood circulates on mobile

Anoble thought to serve the needy in the country and a tech-savy mentality led two Orkut friends to take up a novel initiative of starting website based emergency blood service in India in 2008.

The very fact that over 6,000 blood donors have registered in the website till date, reflects the response that the initiative has received. In fact, with success of the website based service has now prompted the proprietors to launch SMS service on the similar lines.

Two like minded people-Ananth Prabhu, the Communication Head at the Expert Institutions in Mangalore and Ahmedabad based professional Paritosh Vyas-happened to meet each other on the social networking site where they shared and nurtured the idea of launching a system that would help the people to get in touch with the blood donors during emergency. Thus the duo launched, a website that builds link between the blood donors and the needy.

Giving details about the service to City Herald, Ananth Prabhu informed that the needy from across the country can avail benefit through the website or the SMS. The website will have registered blood donors from various parts of the nation and it will consist of basic information like their blood group, city and telephone number on the register page. The data is stored in the database with the city name as the key.

When a person needs blood, he should visit the website and click on ‘blood query’ option which will be loaded with the contact numbers of the blood donors, through which he can contact the donor. On the other hand, to be introduced SMS service acts in a different way. Here, the needy should send a message to the number that is dedicated for the purpose by mentioning the name, required blood group and the location.

On receiving the request, the SMS searches the database and randomly chooses three donors from the list and sends them the messages. Among the three chosen donors, whoever responds immediately will contact the needy and donates the blood, said Ananth Prabhu.

“The basic idea behind the project is to provide blood to the deprived and to motivate the people to donate blood. Having seen several deaths caused due to shortage of blood or delay in supplying blood, myself and Paritosh decided upon starting the service four years ago,” recalls Ananth.

T-shirts and mugs

The service has so far saved at least 300 lives, which is quite an achievement. Though the SMS service was launched earlier and worked for about two years, the duo had to cancel the service due to lack of logistic support.

However, considering the need for the SMS service, they have decided to launch it again in a big way. In order to meet the fund available for running the show, they have come up with an yet another idea of selling T-shirts and mugs with smsindia logo.

Speaking about the concept, Ananth said those who wish to support the cause can purchase shirts and mugs using shopping card in the website. The t-shirts and mugs can be used as souvenir while celebrating birth day parties or other ceremonies. The excess amount collected will be utilised for conducting blood  donation camps.

Meanwhile, Ananth Prabhu has also communicated with the Regional Transport Officer and the Mangalore City Police to co-ordinate with the task. He also fondly remembers the help extended by three students from Shreedevi Institute of Technology.

The new number for the SMS based blood donation service and the shopping cards for buying t-shirts and mugs will be made available to the public within 10 days.

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