Congress looted nation: C T Ravi

MLA says JD(S) has dearth of candidates

The BJP has alleged the Congress of unnecessarily criticizing the BJP with the intention of misleading the voters.

Addressing a news conference on Friday, BJP General Secretary C T Ravi said that despite movements and struggle from Team Anna and Baba Ramdev, the Central government has not been taking steps to bring in effective Jan Lokpal.

“Should the voters cast their valuable votes in favour of the Congress, which has looted
the nation of crores of rupees in the name of 2G, 3G, common wealth scams,” he said adding that with the intention of safeguarding those who have hoarded black money abroad, the central government is creating economic emergency in the country, ruining the democratic setup.

Commenting on Congress leader B L Shankar’s statement, Ravi said that the BJP Government in the State showed that posts like Lokayukta and Upa Lokayukta existed in the State “Later when the posts fell vacant, the issue soon went to the Court. Some leaders are hiding the facts just to make meaningless statements,” he said.

Ravi said that the Congress has brought in caste based reservation, caste based recruitment in the police department and the army and it is also contemplating to mete out injustice at the backward communities by implementing Ranganath Mishra Report.
“This time the election is mainly revolving around the Party and personalities of the candidates. Our party is better than the rest and so are our candidates. Our candidates have better personality, character and capacity. This must be recognized by the voters,” he said expressing confidence over winning six seats in the Council.

Coming down heavily upon JD(S) candidate S L Bhojegowda, he said that JD(S) is running short of good candidates because from Panchayat elections to Parliament elections from Bar Council to Legislative Council JD(S) is fielding S L Bhojegowda as its candidate consistently.

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