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Amazingly special creatures

Nature’s strangest animals are the stars of Nick Baker’s Weird Creatures, which airs on Animal Planet on September 17 at 9 pm.

The intriguing series travels the world to turn the cameras on amazingly special creatures.

The series transports viewers to some of the most remote corners of the globe to find animals with unusual, to say the least, characteristics.

Discover Paul’s India

FOX History and Entertainment presents the Mera India series. Watch Paul Merton in India — Punjab on September 17 at 9 pm. Comedian Paul Merton sets his sights on India, bringing his own unique perspective to a vast and diverse country.

Shunning the traditional tourist spots in favour of unexpected sights and surprising detours to see ‘his India’, Paul readily follows his own instincts taking us on a personal odyssey where a delicate balance of heart and humour will expose an unfamiliar side to the India we know.

In this episode, Paul Merton travels North to the prosperous state of Punjab. Fabled for living life king-size, Paul is on a road trip in Punjab to find out just what that means.

Truth behind baffling illusions

Levitating women? Walking through steel? Tune in to AXN for the first and exclusive peek into the unveiling of the deep, dark secrets of the magic industry. More than ten years ago, the Masked Magician concealed his face to reveal the guarded secrets behind some of the most baffling illusions ever, in the first series of Breaking the Magician’s Code in 1997, which made television history as one of the highest rated specials ever, setting records for audiences of all ages.

Over a decade and countless new illusions later, a new Masked Magician has returned in an all-new series of Breaking the Magician’s Code — Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed, to first dazzle with the silken execution of even more marvellous magical feats, from simple card tricks and sleights of hand, to bewitching, bewildering illusions, before exposing them for the first time in history and laying bare the dark secrets behind these tricks that have dumbfounded the public for centuries.

With the voice of Mitch Pileggi (X Files) detailing the intricacies of each stunt, viewers will surely not be disappointed with the fascinating plethora of magic tricks their eyes can feast upon.  Remember David Blaine’s death-defying stunt back in 2000 when he encased himself in a block of ice for seven days without food, water and sleep?

David Copperfield’s stupefying rendition of the Death Saw Illusion, where a gigantic industrial buzz saw sliced a shackled Copperfield cleanly in half? Or how about the mind-blowing feat of Criss Angel walking on water effortlessly in full sight of spectators?

Look no further than the Masked Magician, who will present the ‘spoilers’ – the trade secrets behind these seemingly impossible magic feats.  The programme premieres on September 17 at 10 pm.

Tragic tale of war

HBO presents Troy starring Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom and Diane Kruger on September 17 at 9 pm. Based on Homer’s classic epic The llaid, this box-office hit brings to life the well-known and tragic tale of antiquity: the fall of the mythical city of Troy. Young Trojan prince, Paris (Bloom), has fallen in love with Menelaus’ beautiful wife, Helen.
Although he knows that his father, King Priam (O’Toole), has engineered a fragile peace with the Greek kingdom of Sparta, he throws caution to the wind and abducts Helen.

His eldest brother, Prince Hector (Bana), is furious when he finds out that
Helen is with them. With Helen’s abduction, war is imminent.

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