The original choice

The original choice

The two film-makers did reach out to the actress of Hazaaron Khwahishen Aisi and Sorry Bhai fame as well.

But Chitrangada, who had withdrawn into matrimony and parenthood wasn’t keen on cinema at that point in time.

Dejected by this, Arsala and Sabrina moved to foreign shores and chose to cast the stunning Sofia Hayat. 

Sofia, who has just had her autobiography released was more than happy to slide into the role. As things turned out, Arsala had to make some changes to suit Sofia’s persona and also had to make the film sexually explicit to lend strength to the characters.

It is obvious that had she cast Chitrangada, Arsala’s script and story would not have had the hot scenes which are integral to the storyline.

The Unforgettable is an unusual passionate love story that depicts the stark contrasts in individualistic beliefs interwoven in a web of romance, mystery, travesty and triumph.

The thought-provoking concept and aesthetic cinematography by W B Rao has lent an incredible sensuality to the love story.