'Prepare systematically and stay positive'

'Prepare systematically and stay positive'

Studying in India

Dear Sir,

I am an Engineering graduate in Information Science. My aggregate is 64 per cent. I have tried looking for a job but I haven’t been successful. In September, I enrolled for a diploma course on ASP.net for 8 months at Mysore. The course ended in March this year and then I took the entrance exam for M.Tech through PGCET, where I was ranked 2501. I am not very hopeful of getting a seat in a good college. My father has been telling me to do a 3-year law degree, but I am confused. Please advise me.
Priya Manjunath

Dear Priya,

Please do not allow yourself to drift into wide and unconnected fields unless you have a passion for your subject.  If Information Science was your own choice and if you have enjoyed pursuing it, then do not give it up just because you could not get a job. The ASP diploma will be useful.  Are you sure you wish to study further in hardcore technology by doing an M.Tech?  Do you really want to pursue a legal career?  If not, then look for an entry level job that may pay you very little (or nothing at all), but will give you the vital experience that will improve your employability.  Work on improving your communication skills and personality.  Consider the areas that excite you professionally. For instance, Quality Control, Business Development, Technical Support, Management, Marketing, HR and so on, based on a combination of aptitude (skills) and interest, and work towards that goal.

Dear Sir,

I have Engineering degree in Electrical & Electronics and have been working in a sugar plant since I graduated. I want to pursue higher studies in Electrical Engineering. Please suggest some good courses.

Dear Nanthan,

Since you are an engineering graduate with experience and have chosen Electrical Engineering as your career, it will be ideal if you could do your post-graduation in the same field, either by going abroad, or through prestigious institutions like IIT, IISc etc.  You are too late for this academic year, but if you prepare systematically for the entrance exams of 2010, you are sure to succeed.  At the same time, start thinking seriously about what you would like to do in the future i.e. Production, Management, Teaching, Research etc.

Dear Sir,

I have a B.Com degree and I want to do my Master’s in Business Administration through correspondence. Would a correspondence course help me find a job? When will admissions be announced for the course, and is there any eligibility criteria?

Mohammed Shujath

Dear Mohammed Shujath,

An MBA or even a PG Diploma in Management through correspondence will certainly add to your market value.  It is advisable to take up a distance learning course only if you plan to work or pursue add-on part-time courses.   At the same time, be aware that you may not get the same opportunities as those who have done a full-time MBA from reputed institutions.  There is a third alternative — you could enroll for an evening course or do your MBA online while you gain work experience during the day. Eligibility for most MBA courses is graduation in any stream with minimum 50 per cent aggregate marks.

Dear Sir,

I am a final year B.E student, interested in doing MBA. Can you please give me the details of top 5 B-schools in Bangalore apart from IIM-B? Do all B-schools consider CAT scores or should I give separate admission tests for each college?


Dear Reshma,

Various surveys and polls rate B-schools differently, so it is better not to go by such ratings.  Most reputed B-schools do take CAT or MAT scores, so it is advisable that you appear for both.  The advantage of MAT is that it is held at different times of the year so as not to inconvenience regular studies.  Some B-schools may ask you to go through their own selection process, but that may not be a big hurdle. Do try and expand your choice beyond one city. If you are going to be a successful business manager, you should be willing to relocate to get wider exposure.

Dear Sir,

I am an Engineering student, doing my second year in Electronics & Communication. I have been performing well in my exams. How important is the reputation of a college to get a job in a top-notch company? On what basis do companies recruit freshers? Does the college really matter or is it fine if I continue to score really well?

Leah Sebastian

Dear Leah Sebastian,

The reputation of a college is important in the sense that good companies go to reputed colleges for campus recruitment. However, in the long run it is your performance that will ensure that you progress and go up the ladder.  Moreover, if your college does not attract good recruiters, you could take the initiative of applying directly to firms, giving them not only your good grades, but also your overall expertise and the reasons why you feel you will be an asset to your prospective employer.

Dear Sir,

I am a third year Engineering student of Electronics and Communication. I lost a year due to personal reasons. Are there any short-term courses in Electronics that I can enroll for?

Asha Das

Dear Asha,

I hope you are not allowing the loss of one academic year to pull you down. Instead, make the best use of it to enhance your skills.  The Institute of Electronics & Telecom Engineers on Bellary Road, Ganganagar (Ph: 080-23331133) offers some good short-term courses. They may also be able to guide you about courses.  Before you take up any course, decide on your areas of interest. See if you can benefit from some basic computer courses.  At the same time ensure that you have enough time to prepare well and not only clear the backlog, but also score high in those subjects.

The author is the Chairman of Banjara Academy.‘Studying in India’ is a tri-weekly column.
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