Failure to follow rules will nullify votes: DC

Failure to follow rules will nullify votes: DC

District set for Sundays council poll for the south east teachers constituency

Failure to follow rules will nullify votes: DC

Council polls for the South East Teachers’ Constituency will be held today. Votes will be nullified if electorates fails to follow set rules and regulations, warned the Deputy Commissioner D S Vishwanath.

Giving the directions, the DC said: “Votes should be cast by using the purple sketch pen given by the election officer. This pen will be given with the ballot paper. Use of any other writing materials like pencil or pen will nullify the vote,” he said.

Electorates should write number 1 in front of the name of the candidate they decide to vote for. They can vote for only one candidate. The vote will not be considered if number ‘1’ is written for more than one candidate.

Preference voting

In case the electorates have to vote for two candidates in the list of five; they have to write numbers one to five according to preference.

Writing ‘one’ in letters in front of the name of the selected candidate will not be considered. Instead one should use numbers and write ‘1’ in

Voters should not write their name or any other detail including signature on the ballot paper.

A R Raghavendra Rao, Shirastedar of Kolar District election branch office distributed poll materials to the officers on election duty for council polls for the South East Teachers’ Constituency.

Then the officers were sent to appointed booths.

Poll bo oths have been arranged at six centres including five taluk centres and Kolar Gold Fields TMC.

Six chief election officers, three polling officers and a ‘d’ group staffer have been deployed for each booth.

As Kolar has large number of voters, an additional officer has been deployed, said  sources from the election branch.