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A gruelling competition

The devil of the kitchen is back with an all-new seasonof ‘Hell’s Kitchen’—the
inimitable cooking challenge that sees aspirants vie for the job of head chef at an elegant Los Angeles eatery. But to survive the challenge, they must live through a nightmare in the kitchen of Gordon Ramsey’s Hollywood restaurant.

Watch the aspiring restaurateurs battle each other, overcome their own weaknesses, cook great food and get through the acidtongued Ramsey. Every episode is a roller coaster
ride with winners of the challenges enjoying the perks while the losers are stuck
with gruelling tasks in the kitchen. ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ airs on June 12 at.

Together once more

The thrilling and terrifying journey of the Winchester brothers continues, as ‘Supernatural’
enters its seventh season.Samand Dean have spent their lives on the road,
battling every kind of supernatural threat.

Over the years, after dozens of bloody adventures, they finally closed in on their dark destiny;Samand Dean, with the help of their friends, father-figure Bobby and fallen
angel Castiel, managed to avert the Apocalypse and defeat
Fate itself—but at a terrible price.

Samsacrificed himself, imprisoned in the same fiery pit that caged Lucifer. Dean,
heartbroken and alone, retire from hunting in order to pick up the pieces of his

Now, as the series continues in its seventh season, Samand Dean stand united
as brothers to face a new and unexpected threat.'Supernatural’ airs on AXN on June 12 at 10 pm.

A failed attempt

Ek Doosre Se Karte Hain PyaarHumairs on June 12 at 7 30pmon Star Plus. In
this episode, Aniket gets ready to go for the second day of the sale.

Everyone wishes him luck and gives him something or the other to help him through
the day.

But although Aniket tries, he fails to sell the wares. Tejal accidently hits Lalita Faiba
with a ball and later gets to knowthat Gulab has only called Faiba to Surat for her

Meanwhile, after coming out of one of the houses, Aniket loses his bag and realises that a thief has stolen it and is running away with it. What will happen

Tune in to find out.

In search of an actress

After a long search for an actress to essay the role of Parvati in Devon Ke Dev...Mahadev— and lots of speculations as to who would ultimately get the role—actor Sonarika Bhadoria has been finalised for the part.

The young actor, who was last seen as Abhilasha, a simple small townnewly-wed bride in Life OK’s showTum Dena Saath Mera, will nowbe seen in a completely different avatar: Goddess Parvati on the mythological show. Parvati's entry will be telecast in the second week of June.

Parvati, the second incarnation of goddess Sati, is born in the home of Queen Maina and King Himavan. At a very early age, Parvati develops an interest in Shiva’s tales, appearance and eventually remembers her
previous life as Sati.

As Parvati grows into a young woman, she begins tapas to please Shiva to grant her wish to reunite with him. Parvati’s entry into Shiva’s life takes him on hisjourney from hermit to householder. The young actor confirmed that she would be playing the
role of Parvati, saying, “Yes, I have been finalised for the show. Iamsuper
excited and I love my character
on the show. Also, it’s the first time that I will be acting in a
mythological show.

So it’s pretty exciting and I can’t wait to start shooting.”

Of lies and deceit Catch Parvarrish…Kuch

Catch Parvarrish…Kuchh KhattiKuchh Meethi at 9:30 pm on June 12 Sony Entertainment
Television. In tonight’s episode,Sweety and Lucky are touched that Rocky is helping
Gokul as his mother is terminally ill. Rocky and Gokul go to Gokul’s house to study together.

Ontheway, they stop in front of a house where they see their friends stealing the exam
question papers. Will Rocky reveal this to everyone.

The worst of conditions

Imagine the heated discussions you have at home with your significant other about where to go for dinner.

Now, imagine being stranded in the middle of the wild with them—with no food, no water and in the most formidable conditions. In ‘ManWomanWild’, the stakes are higher and the misery compounded as survival expert Mykel Hawke and his television journalist wife Ruth
brave raging forest fires, find their way out of the Amazon’s flooded jungles, face off against black bears and put their marriage to the ultimate

Catch ‘ManWoman Wild’on June 12, 10pm on the Discovery Channel to watch their adventures.


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