'People don't want to hear any advice'

'People don't want to hear any advice'

Serious observation

'People don't want to hear any advice'

Comedian Jaggesh’s out-and-out commercial movie Manjunath-BA, LLB is targeted at the IT crowd in the City. Jaggesh hopes his movie would make people laugh. “It’s a serious subject that’s woven around comedy. People will laugh through the first half and the suspense begins only in the second half of the movie,” says Jaggesh.

Talking about the title, Jaggesh points out that a lot of lawyers hang a board outside their houses, with the name of the person followed by BA, LLB. “You don’t find software engineers tagging an engineer to their names but most lawyers prefer to have the full qualification attached to their names. They’re proud of who they are.

I play a lawyer named Manjunath in the movie,” explains Jaggesh.
Talking about the character, Jaggesh says, “The young man is educated but he’s reckless and cares for none. He gets a call from a girl when he is sitting in a bar.

It’s a frantic, desperate call where the girl is asking him for help but he brushes it aside as a casual call. But he is alerted when he hears her being beaten up and the scream rings in his ear for a long time.

That’s when he decides to step in to help the young lady.” The story is written by Rafi Macartin. “The story draws its inspiration from an English film. But we sat with Rafi and got him to tweak it to suit the Kannada ethos,” he observes. According to Jaggesh, people come to the theatre to get entertained. “People don’t want to hear any advice, they digest only action and entertainment.

The film has the right dose of action, comedy, suspense and drama,” he notes.
The movie has Mumbai-based actress Reema Vohra play the female lead opposite Jaggesh. Another attractive element of the film is the music, that has been composed by Vinay Chandra.

Talking about the music, Vinay explains that the tunes are quite peppy and the lyrics are hilarious. The song, Brahma ninge jodastini, is a remix of a popular old tune and is sung by Jaggesh.

Another song titled, Thala thala holeyuva is about a girl who struggles to adjust to a new environment. Two other songs Problemu bandaga and Navu Kudukaru is a hilarious take on people who get drunk.    

The movie has been shot in and around Bangalore and the courtroom drama has been shot at the Kanteerava Studios.  Jaggesh will soon be directing his son, Gururaj in a film, scripted around the underworld.

“There’s no bloodshed or violence. It’s a story about a college kid who unknowingly gets caught in the web of the underworld,” he signs off.    

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