Look, no instruments

Look, no instruments

Look, no instruments

Delhiites gathered in huge numbers to witness the cappella performers from Yale University

Select City Walk has always been popular for hosting renowned concerts from different universities of the world. This past weekend it hosted Whim n Rhythm  - a concert performed by a Cappella group from Yale University.

This group of young women, creates music without instruments, using only the mouth. They are accomplished when it comes to creating sounds of guitars, drums, congo, trumpets, saxophones, cymbals, violins and more.

Performed at the mall’s central atrium, the group caught the attention of Sunday crowds and those who had specially gathered to see them. People not only crowded around the stage but there was audience on the first and second floors too, in the balconies overlooking the atrium! Later the performer director and group manager Kathy McDonald commented: “I hadn’t expected such a huge audience. People are very welcoming here.”

They performed popular songs like I can’t make you love me by Bonnie Rait, Rumour has it by Adele and Forget you by Cee Lo Green.

The control over the voice and the co-ordination between them was excellent. As one exhausted her piece, another took off from the same note and continued the song without losing a beat. They were in complete sync with each other and not one went off key in the 45 minute long performance.

Asked if they are familiar with Bollywood music, Kathy said: “We have heard it on radio. And we have also heard an Indian Cappella which was quite brilliant.”

The group is on a world tour which started three weeks ago, spanning four countries including France, Japan.