'Jackfruit may find market in US'

'Jackfruit may find market in US'

Jackfruit, a common man’s fruit is grown naturally and many a time go waste without even harvesting.

Now the fruit is all set to become a delicious food in the US market, thanks to the initative taken up by Annemarie Ryu, Global Village Fruits Inc and University of Harvard, USA for encouraging the new venture.

Annemarie Ryu is set to export 25 tonnes of dried jackfruit to the US, but she is not able to gather the required quanity.

To overcome the supply crisis, Annemarie along with her local partner N V Paulose is all set to launch ‘The Jackfruit Campaign.’ The campaign will be held at River View, Morgan’s Gate in Mangalore on June 16. Ryu is on her second visit to India to promote more ventures in jackfruit  processing.

The Global Village Fruits Inc will introduce more varieties of jackfruit products including jackfruit burgers if she gets more supply from India and South Asia. This will further increase demand for jackfruit in the US Market and also demand from other nations.

A special 3D shooting session on jackfruit economics will be held. She will meet jackfruit entrepreneurs and growers and will interact with stakeholders.

Being a violinist, Anniemarie will also participate in a short musical concert to be held as part of the campaign, the release said.

In a press release, Pualose said “2.8 million tonnes of jackfruits are wasted every year in India. Jackfruit can become a global front runner among village fruits.

Scientists have developed new varieties of jacfruit including gum-less jack. Annie plans to introduce products from cashew apple and other village fruit products to Amedican food market which is quality conscious.”