'Writing is my passion'

'Writing is my passion'

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'Writing is my passion'

Saurabh Shukla confesses that he is a writer first and actor next, characters that he has essayed — like Kallu Mama of RGV's Satya and the constable of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ — notwithstanding. Saurabh has been writing almost every day for the last 25-odd years.

Writing is his passion; and all his thoughts and ideas are carefully jotted down and used appropriately in the movies and plays he so passionately scripts and directs.

Saurabh’s work is always inspired by reality and the things he sees around him. “My work is a reflection of reality — sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes it’s boring. My latest play, ‘Two To Tango Three To Jive’, is something that I worked on after a gap of 18 years. I had this huge yearning to do theatre and I completely gave into that craving,” he tells Metrolife.

Talking about why he stayed away from theatre for this long, Saurabh points out that it isn’t easy to pull off a theatre production. “I would have to contribute a lot of time to theatre. Casting has its own challenges and narration requires creativity — all this can’t happen instantly. I like to take time and do things perfectly,” he observes.

According to Saurabh, writing, directing and acting are all interrelated. “One compliments the other. I can’t single out any one thing and say that I like doing only that. Cinema in any form excites me,” he explains.

Saurabh will soon direct, ‘I’m 24’. “It’s a story about a man who lies about his age on the internet. This 42-year-old man lies, saying he is only 24. He projects himself to be what he is not. He creates a false notion about himself,” says Saurabh. And what’s more, he has written and co-produced Barfi, a movie in which Ranbir Kapoor plays a thief.      

Saurabh confesses that he really admires and looks up to Kamal Hassan. “He’s such a senior actor and I hope to work with him someday,” he sums up.