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Capturing foliage

A photography exhibition titled ‘The Lost Forest - Sacred Grove of Haryana’ based on  Mangerbani forests is presented by Carrot Films. The story of the forest is conveyed through stills of the native flora and fauna of the Aravalli Hills. The exhibition aims to make people aware of the existence of a beautiful patch of green which seems to be out of another era altogether. Venue: Delhi O’ Delhi Foyer, IHC till June 30. Time: 10 am to 8 pm.


Expert fusion
Pull out your shiny helmets and leather jackets from dusty corners of your wardrobe as The Daft Punk Tribute Reboot is all set to be presented by Hashback Hashish and Audio Pervert. Hashback Hashish is known for its creative experimentation. His superior taste in music will mate with Samrat B a.k.a Audio Pervert who has been involved in the electronic music scene in India for the last decade. Venue: TLR Cafe, 31 Hauz Khas Village on June 16. Time: 9 pm onwards.

Rock star
The magic of fusion rock band Nasya will be revived this month at ‘The Magic of Nasya Rock Band.’ Known for playing a blend of Sufi, Haryanvi and Punjabi folk with rock influences, Nasya’s sound is distinctly characteristic, finely balancing traditional Hindustani vocals with western elements of jazz, blues and rock music. Venue: Qafe Pasha, Level 1, 1 Club Road, West Punjabi Bagh on June 16. Time: 9 pm-12 midnight. For details contact: 7503311111.

Classical notes
A melody of classics will be presented during ‘Unforgettable Journey Of Indian Classical Music’ by Vijay Chandra, a disciple of Kamla Bose and Anoop Banerjee. Venue: Epicentre, Gurgaon on June 20. Time: 7.30 pm


Seeking answers
Bahroop presents Abhiram Bhadkamkar's Sawaal Apna Apna directed by K.S. Rajendran. The play attempts to portray the conflicts and confusions of a ‘society-in-transition’ swayed by the laws of the market where the modern or the new is forcing itself to get established and the traditional is trying to hold its ground, reluctant to give way. It depicts the lives of different individuals in conflict with the emerging paradox between aspirations and traditions. Each character symbolises a different way of thinking and dealing with life. Amidst all this conundrum is the perpetual optimism and hope for change is still alive. Venue: LTG Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, Mandi House on June 16. Time: 6.30 pm.

Class apart
Federico Garcia Lorca's tragedy Blood Wedding directed by Neelam Man Singh Choudhary will be presented during NSD’s Summer Theatre Festival. It is a play of rare beauty, of deeply etched images and some extraordinary use of stage.
Venue: Abhimanch Auditorium, NSD from June 16 to 18. Time: 6.30 pm

Chekov revived
Asmita Theatre Group presents Log Baag a Hindi play directed by Arvind Gaur. This Neil Simons's comedy is based on Chekhov's stories and depicts lives of everyday mortals while revealing a myriad moods, class distinctions and various shades of mind and attitude. It weaves together eight short stories of Chekhov, each individually depicting a slice of life yet bound by the common thread of the essential conflict between ‘What should be’ and ‘What is’ and also the typical Chekhovian end that undercuts each story as a very first last moment. Venue: Amphitheatre, IHC, Lodhi Road on June 16 and 17. Time: 7.30 pm

Punjabi comedy
Ishq Da Syaapa... Daughter-In-Law Weds Papa, a 90 minute Punjabi play presents the story of a father and son in love with the same girl and reminds of the proverb ‘All’s fair in love and war.’
Lala Kirori Mal is a very cautious, distrustful miser who is always devising newer ways to save pennies and keeps an eye on one and everyone irrespective of how they treat him. He is irritating, suspicious and cantankerous. His son Jassi on the other hand is wayward, prodigal, wastes money and time and mostly stays outdoors because he can’t tolerate his father who doesn’t allow him to spend or enjoy his life the way he wants. Watch the play to know further.
Venue: Alliance Francaise on June 16. Time: 6:30 pm.
Tickets are available at the venue.

Ace director
NSD Repertory presents Begum Ka Takia by Ranjeet Kapoor as part of their Summer Theatre Festival. Based on the novel of Pt. Anand Kumar, Begum ka Takia is the tale of two brothers who share the same
bread and live under the same roof. But wealth and women create a chasm between them. Greed, desire, Karma and Non-Karma get locked in a tussle. The invisible weaves the webs of prearranged destinies while mortals struggle with their dreams and ambitions. Venue:  Kamani Auditorium on June 15. Time: 6.30 pm.
Ravaged Baghdad
Akvarious Productions presents an English play Baghdad Wedding (120 minute). Directed by Akarsh Khurana, Hassan Abdulrazzak’s first play not only covers an enormous amount of
territory, it also reminds of
the infinite human contradictions within any nation. From cosmopolitan London to the chaos of war-ravaged Baghdad, this is the tale of three friends, torn between
two worlds, who grapple with their cultural, political and sexual identities. And of one wedding that goes horribly wrong. It will feature Nimrat Kaur, Karan Pandit and Faisal Rashid with Adhir Bhat, Hussain Dalal, Sarang Sathaye, Sumeet Vyas and others. Venue: Epicentre, Gurgaon, on June 16 and 17. Time: 7.30 pm. Tickets at Rs. 400, 300 and 200 are available at the venue.
For details contact: 0124-2715000.


Group show
A group show of paintings, sculptures and photographs by Radhey Shyam, Kamni Baghel, Mradul, Sonali Chaudhary, Komal Dora, M.A. Sardar and Vijay Saini is on display under the title of Parikrama Group.
Venue: Open Palm Court Gallery, IHC till June 24. Time: 10 am to 8 pm.

Spiritual debate
An art exhibition titled ‘Spiritual; but not Religious’ curated by SEEMS will display both established and young artists from across India portraying the conceptual premise - Belief in Higher Power.

The exhibition is based on the confusion
that stems from the fact that the words ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious’ are used as synonyms. Though both connote belief in a Higher Power, both also imply a desire to connect or enter into a more intense relationship with this Higher Power.
And, finally, both connote interest in rituals, practices, and daily moral behaviours that foster such a connection or relationship. Venue: Moments Mall, Kirti Nagar
from June 15-17. Time: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm


Arm discussion
A panel discussion and film will be organised as part of United Nation’s July conference on ‘Arms Trade Treaty’ in collaboration with Control Arms Foundation of India & Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network.
Venue: IHC on June 20.
Time: 7.00 pm.

Archiving past
A ‘Walk through the past’ will have historian Vikas Harish taking people through some of the lesser known collections, in the labyrinth of galleries at the National Museum, where the stone and terracotta sculptures often go
ignored. Their iconography provides great insight into the past, the major philosophical and the prevalent traditions. Venue: National Museum
on June 17.
Time: 10.30 am.
For details contact: 011- 43663080.

Talking through
Celebrated author Uma Vasudev will deliver a talk in NASHISHT, an interactive session that will be presented in collaboration with Impresario Asia. Venue: IHC on June16. Time: 7 pm


Cinematic quartet

Cinemaghar Premieres Cinematheque III presents four documentary films by director Arun Kuckreja. The event is a cinematic quartet that will screen English documentaries: Prodigy (22 minute) inspired by the ‘God of cricket’ Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar; Smile (17 minute) inspired by the Buddhist chanting mantra ‘Na mu myo ho ren ge kyo’; Life (6 minute) which depicts life as a picturesque snowman melting away into the final exit- the abode of God; and Marriage (22 minute) that subtly questions the validity of marriage in today’s world.

Venue: India Habitat Centre on June 15. Time: 7.00 pm.

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