Aged couple trapped in bathroom for three days

An elderly couple were trapped in a bathroom for three days before managing to open the lock and escape from the damp confinement in an exhausted condition.

According to their relatives, 74-year-old Joseph and his 72-year-old wife Eliamma remained inside the bathroom from Saturday to Monday last after some problem in the lock due to which it failed to open from the inside.

Joseph was keeping unwell and his wife had accompanied him to the bathroom as he showed signs of nausea.

On realising that they got locked up, the couple tried to break open the door using whatever things that came handy, but their efforts proved futile for long.

Though they cried out for help, their voice was so feeble that it could not be heard by neighbours.

Finally, they managed to break open the door by using a screw driver, which they came across in a corner, and a broom.

The ordeal through which they had passed came to be known by neighbours only on Tuesday and they were immediately taken to a hospital, where their condition was stated to be stable.

The couple have two sons, one of them working abroad and another in Hyderabad, relatives said.

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