Recreate holiday atmosphere at home

Recreate holiday atmosphere at home

Recreate holiday atmosphere at home

It is favourite pastime to enjoy a book swaying on hammocks and slowly drifting off into the dreamland, without any expense, writes Gayathri V Raj.

S waying on the hammock tied between the trees with gentle sea breeze playing with your hair at the golden shores of Goa or amid the lap of nature is the dream of many, who want to plan for a special holiday.

But if you could not make it,  don’t be disappointed as you can still pacify the family members, enjoy swaying on these hammocks sipping a soft drink of your preference right in your garden or terrace for just as less as three hundred rupees.

Moreover, this comes for a meagre price and does not involve meticulous planning of sorts for the holidays and you can be content of staying at the premises of your house monitoring your kids.

The hammocks are on sale almost on all the main areas of the city. The view of these hammocks tied between the eucalyptus trees on the stretch of road near CFTRI, or on the Hunsur road are attracting Mysoreans. Majority of the passersby on their vehicles stop near the display if not for buying at least for a query.

The hammocks made of nylon threads are being sold by vendors from Andhra Pradesh.
Speaking to City Herald, Pentaiah who was selling them on Hunsur Road said that the hammocks can withstand more than 300 kgs and there are varieties ranging from Rs 200 to Rs 600.

Different types of nylon threads are used and supported by a wooden plank to give it a shape and those which are closely knitted are priced high than the others.

These hammocks do not snap but should be tied properly on both ends to ensure safety, especially when used by kids as they tend to get excited and sway with more speed, he warns.

Moreover, though it might look smaller it expands according to the size of the person, he adds. Swaying on these hammocks give immense pleasure and also relieves stress, Pentaiah says.

Apart from this, there are also display of mosquito nets in the shape of tents that are also attracting passersby. The product is from Delhi, says the boy who sells it and says there are various sizes.

Wooden desk and chair with alphabets and numerical photos on the table have also been arranged on the roadside for sale and it is a common scene to see the kids pestering their parents to buy the same.

Though the prices of the same are quoted high you can negotiate and have the satisfaction of bargaining, which stays for long.

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