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A mysterious death at sainik farms

Rukmani Anandini
Rupa, 2012, pp 240, 195
When Ugrasen drops dead at No 22, Sainik Farms, everybody is horrified and confused. His niece Anjali knows something is amiss. Approaching private investigator Ganapati Iyer is her first smart move. It’s now up to the inimitable Ganapati and his north Indian namesake, Vinayak, to get to the bottom of the bizarrely perpetrated murder.

The village

Nikita Lalwani
Penguin, 2012, pp 241 399
Ray Bhullar arrives on a winter morning at the gates of the Indian village which will be her home for three months. It is a village of murderers, an open prison. When Ray and her crew take up residence, to observe and to make a film, it seems that they are innocent visitors into a violent world, on a mission to hold the place up to viewers as an example of tolerance.

Bindaas zero bollywood hero

N Sampath Kumar
Rupa, 2012, pp 244, 195
Vishy leaves Delhi to escape the incessant taunts of his father, and joins a call centre in Pune. However, life takes a curious turn and flings him into
Bollywood. Will Vishy be able to negotiate the
cut-throat world of casting couches, seductresses, extortionists, rigged film awards, lewd producers and more.

Untruly yours

Smita Shetty
Frog Books, 2012, pp 146, 125
Natasha Iyer seems to have it all — the affluent life of an NRI, married to a prominent psychologist and mother to an 11-year-old. Although her husband seems content with their marriage, Natasha yearns for romance, passion and excitement. As her husband fails to read between the lines, Natasha is left to her own devices to deal with unresolved emotions.

Bureaucracy gets crazier: ias unmasked

M K Kaw
Konark, 2012, pp 195, 250
This book is an intimate, inside look at the state of the
Indian Administrative Service, with nothing held back. In this book, the author lays bare the activities of the modern mandarins behind bolted portals,
describing how they crawl up the grease pole of success, manipulating in-laws and outlaws with equal

Like a virgin: secrets they won’t teach you in business school

Richard Branson
Virgin Books, 2012, pp 343 1189
Richard Branson shares the wisdom and experience that have made him one of the world’s most recognised and respected entrepreneurs. From his top tips on succeeding in business to some hard-hitting opinions on the global financial crisis, this book brings together his best advice on all things business.

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