Of smart kitchens

Of smart kitchens


Normally when you think of intelligence in a home, you would probably think of the kitchen last. Seeking to change that is a gas leak sensor as a kitchen accessory. This device takes away the worry of a gas leak, be it CNG or LPG. This sensor is installed in the kitchen in close proximity to the gas cylinder / pipeline. In case of gas leak, the sensor informs the main panel which then activates the hooter / alarm.

Likewise, Envirofit’s revolutionary G-3300 biomass cook stoves and integrated cooking system reduces toxic smoke and fuel use, expands cooking options and addresses the devastating health impacts of indoor air pollution. “Designed using advanced computational fluid dynamics, heat transfer modelling, and robust emissions and durability testing to optimise the geometry and materials of the stove, the G-3300 is a revolutionary biomass clean cook stove that is clean-burning, efficient, light-weight, durable and affordable. There is a metal alloy with a flow re-circulator that decreases toxic emissions by up to 80 per cent and fuel consumption by up to 60 per cent,” explains Harish Anchan, Managing Director, India Operations of the company.

Stylish accessories

Home Centre by Lifestyle offers its customers a wide range of well-designed, functional kitchenware and kitchen accessories.  “We regularly introduce products which are designed keeping in mind the customer demand and the latest prevalent trends and practices across the globe. We have recently introduced a wide range of cookware with stainless steel lids. These can be bought as a standalone product or as a part of a set. We have also introduced a special range of cookware inspired by the regional cooking practices; this typically is to cater to people living away from their homes,” says Shankar Suryanarayan, Chief Marketing Officer, Landmark Group.

New launches

The new launch at Nolte Home Studio is the Matrix 150 that primarily focuses on uniformity in design. “Matrix 150 refers to the technology we have introduced into our kitchens which applies to the height, width and depth thus reaching all three dimensions making kitchens even more beautiful and well-defined.  The unified alignment of the elements makes the kitchen harmonious, and there is more storage space – not just in the wall units but also in the pull out units,” explains Suchita Talwar, Director-Business Development, Nolte Home Studio.

Kitchen trends

When it comes to kitchen trends, most of them are gloss or foil wrapped. German kitchens are trendy because of high quality standards and German engineering perfection. Tall units of height 1500 mm are also a new trend. Internationally, bold colours are making a wave in kitchenware and kitchen furnishing. Rajiv Nair, Business Head – General Merchandise, Hypercity Retail India Limited opines, “High gloss German acrylic shutters for kitchens and new models for appliances like hobs, chimneys and built-in-microwaves are in. Also premium range of SS wire baskets with soft closing channels are the latest in the kitchen.”

The current trend is high gloss finish on the shutter. Adds Guru Prasad, Director, V3 Engineers, “current trends are to do with clean lines and less of visual clutter. The designs are fused with colours and a wood feel.”

“Strong and bold horizontally running grain pattern seems to make its presence felt and is getting noticed by customers. In a nutshell, we see fresh wood grains in horizontal fashion, light colours, with a classical touch is the flavour of the season. On the functional part, the conventional shelves are giving way to drawer systems with soft closing effect as drawers are more easy to operate and are ergonomical, and internal spaces are more organised in the form of trays, bins, cutlery trays, spice racks.

“The corners is wasted or not utilised properly, we now have various solutions for corners and is definitely a value add to the kitchen design,” he points out. “The conventional slab construction is now giving way to modular designs and is widely being accepted by customers. Also we see various kinds of fusion of materials are being used. The designs use aluminium profiles, frosted glass, coloured glass, painted shutters along with modern hardware fittings,” he explains.

Open kitchen concept

“The latest trend in kitchens this season is the open kitchen concept where full height storage is provided flushed with the wall, having not only well managed space with beautiful hardware but also well positioned utilities and accessories like the fridge, a microwave oven, and a coffee maker.”

“The placement of the kitchen near the living and dining without a formal separation between the areas is widely accepted, like how it is in a studio apartment,” opines architect Haresh P Lakhani. “This year is about a sleek, sophisticated look you’re pleased to show off on your counter. It’s no longer about hiding your appliances in the cupboard. Another trend is the use of metals like aluminum that brings a polished but understated look to a juicer, kettle or a blender. Offsetting the aluminum look is the use of small, menu LED panels that add a touch of liveliness with the combination of light and blue colour,” says Sjoerd Drost, Customer Marketing Director, Domestic Appliances, Philips India.

The last ‘Eurocucina’ in Milan, the world’s most important kitchen exhibition suggests that black and white have come back in vogue. These colours are often shown in high gloss finishes on the doors but also often also used on classy glass doors and counter tops which represent another trend. Also the synthetic stone counters continue their penetration of the kitchen segment. These materials are now available in many colours and can be processed into any shape. Go ahead and do up your kitchen – stay trendy and stylish while you cook!