People's problems

Water and debris block house

A culvert built across 9th ‘B’  Main, 17th Cross, in ISRO Layout, ward no 181 is blocking the entrance to house number 861. The faulty design of the culvert also prevents the free flow of rainwater thus causing an accumulation of silt and dirt in front of the house.

The construction of a house at site no 878 on 9th ‘B’ main (in front of house no 861) stopped six months ago. Construction material and debris of the project have been dumped in front of site no 877. Due to the sloping gradient of the road, gravel, sand and other materials flow down towards house no 861 and accumulate in front of the gate when it rains.

Aside from the inconvenience, residents of this house also suffer hardships due to silt accumulation in the path. We look forward to the immediate resolution of these

C S Prasad,
ISRO Layout

Bus stop far away

People residing in HSR 2nd and 3rd Sectors have to walk for nearly two kms, to Mangamanapalya or  Parangipalya, to reach the nearest bus stop.

If the bus is allowed to start from 19th Main Road, it will be more useful to people residing near here. 

Since the road is very wide, Volvo buses will have no problem operating. People in this area will be very thankful if the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation considers our request. 

A N Hebbar,
18th ‘E’ Cross, HSR

Stormdrains need urgent repairs

I have been a resident of Ulsoor Road for more than three decades.  In all those years, I have never seen the storm drains in such a deplorable condition. The drains have been clogged as coverings (of spurious quality) have broken.

Some of the establishments on and around the road are also admitting sewage into the storm drains, which collect in stagnant, foul-smelling pools. These drains also overflow, damaging the road and spreading waste, and posing a serious health hazard. The most affected are pedestrians who are unable to place their feet anywhere on the foot path.

While local officials struggle to fix something as simple as a storm drain, a few kms away, our ISRO scientists are working to send people to the Moon. I trust that these drains and foot paths will be restored  at the earliest.

Ulsoor Road

Work halted half-way

The BBMP workers have cleaned most roads in Sahakarnagar ‘A’ Block, for asphalting work. That was a  month ago. 

To this date, nothing further has been done. In addition, during the work, potholes have been dug up on roads worsening the problem.

So far, the local MLA and corporator have inaugurated asphalting work on more than three occasions, but there has been no progress and we are not sure where is the money going.

Sahakarnagar ‘A’ Block

Problems galore at NRI Layout

NRI Layout has plenty of problems. The roads here require urgent black topping. Some work has been taken up here and there on an adhoc basis. Major portions of the roads have become traps with potholes. The onset of monsoon will worsen the condition for the users.  Water supply and sewerage disposal are also totally absent in the area. Households are dependent on private water tankers, who supply water at their price and whim.

The quality of the water is also questionable. Currently, the layout is a large area and many of the plots are vacant.  But it lacks no provision to build recreation areas for children and other residents. Government regulation is also absent. The sinking of borewells is proceeding without any regulation and will no doubt, result in the quick depletion of the water table. Construction activity has also picked up pace.

Power disruption is common and continues for long hours during the day and nights. There is no bus connectivity. In addition, the land conversion and the issue of BBMP KATHA has been pending for years causing difficulties to property owners.

C M Panicker,
NRI Layout

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