Baby's cries save mother dumped on railway tracks

In-laws wanted it to look like a suicide

When the in-laws and husband of 25-year old Arti threw her and her one-year-old baby on railway tracks they were sure that the duo would not survive and that the incident would be dismissed as suicide. She was unconscious.

But the cries of the baby attracted the attention of the locals, who had come there to answer the call of nature, and the two were saved from a certain death. They were taken to the nearby primary health centre where Arti narrated her tale. Now the police are looking for the alleged culprits.

According to police sources, Arti, a resident of Nigohan village, was married Pichhu Singh three years back. Her in-laws and husband had allegedly tortured her for not bringing enough dowry with her.

The situation only worsened after Arti gave birth to a baby girl a year ago. The torture only increased and the in-laws got more angry following her failure to give birth to a son, officials said. “My sister was thrashed regularly. It was more severe
after the baby’s birth'', said Arti's brother Sanjay Kanaujia.

On Friday, Arti was beaten following which she became unconscious. The in-laws then tied her up with her baby and threw the duo on the railway tracks near Nigohan railway station before fleeing from there. They thought that their death would be taken as suicide and they would escape the clutches of the law.

A few locals, who happened to pass by shortly afterwards, however, reached there after hearing the cries of the baby. They took her and her baby to safety and informed the police. “It was a miracle that no train passed from there in between,” the villagers said.

Arti regained consiousness after which her brother Sanjay Kanuajia lodged a report with the police. Arti’s husband and in-laws were absconding and a manhunt has been launched to nab them, police said.

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