When police came in way of Prince Harry to impress blonde

 Motorcycle-borne Prince Harry, the third-in-line to the British throne, was pulled over by London police much to his embarrassment with a mystery blonde, whom he was trying to ''impress''.

Bike-mad Harry was taking the pretty girl for a romantic picnic under the stars when traffic cops stopped him. The royal rider was said to be taking the girl for a spin on his 160mph Ducati 848 across Putney Bridge in South West London.

Red-faced officers were forced to apologise when they realised they had pulled over Prince Harry — and that he had done "nothing wrong", The Sun tabloid reported.

"It must have been embarrassing for Harry — he was keen to impress, having decided to surprise her with a picnic," the tabloid quoted its source as saying.

"The officer said, 'Can you take your helmet off?' and Harry replied, 'I would rather not'. His minders stepped in and the officer said, 'I'm so sorry'."

The incident is understood to have taken place six to eight months ago, the report said.
However, the blonde's identity was still a mystery.

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