A novel beginning

A novel beginning

Innovative way

A novel beginning

Abandoning the traditional way of welcoming students on campus, M S Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce had planned something absolutely different for the new-comers recently.

It was a surprise for many when teachers and parents performed in order to break the ice during the inauguration of the college’s undergraduation function. For many students, who walked in with butterflies in their stomach anticipating the first day of their college, it was a great relief and a refreshing change. The programme started with the principal introducing students to the college.

After this, chief guest, Justice Venkatachaliah, provided some food for thought. “You can stand on your feet when you have a good education. As students, your aim should be acquiring knowledge, you should be open to challenges and learn new things,” he said.
Vice-Principal T E Kanakavalli said they usually conduct this programme a little differently. But this time, they decided to entertain the students by making the lecturers and parents perform so as to build a rapport with the students.

S Satyamurthy, a relative of a first-year student, agreed to perform a few magic tricks during the event. The show was a huge hit with the audience and the students cheered after every trick. The noise grew louder when he included the freshers in some of his tricks.

The students talked about their aspirations and their first day in college. Richard Sinha, a first-year BCA student, joined the college along with his friends. “I’m from Mizoram and I joined this college because my brother studies here. Also, because it has a good reputation,” he says. He said he’s looking forward to have a great experience in the campus.

“It’ my first day and I’m extremely nervous. But my seniors made me feel very comfortable. I want to get a really good score as I want to do research in science,” said Sandra S, a BSc student. She was also a part of the college dance group that performed on stage as a part of the inauguration. “During my admission, I was asked what I’m interested in and when I mentioned dance, I was immediately made part of the dance group. It’s very exciting,” she added.

Many students have joined here not only for the academics but also for the extracurricular activities that the college provides. Vijay P M, a student of BCom, wants to study commerce to get for a degree. He aspires to be an interior designer.
He says, “I’m here to have lots of fun and of course, a little bit of studies as well.” He described his seniors as very friendly and said that he is looking forward to playing football and athletics with them.

Although the students were in jitters, they managed to smile and make friends. Sabina Rai says, “It’s my first day and I haven’t made any friends yet. I love the campus and I’m also looking forward to be a part of the college swimming team.”

Basavaraj N, a visually-challenged student who wants to do BA in journalism, says, “I’m very excited and can’t wait to start studying in this college.” With the help of his principal and teachers, he is confident that he will be able to perform well and wants to score an 80 per cent this year.