A calm mind will take you places

Last Updated 18 June 2012, 15:40 IST

Every year, the summer season doesn’t just bring its own heat, there’s the heat of studies too. March, April, May, June and July have graduating students on their toes, hunting around for colleges.

The result is endless stress, amounting to haywire plans, wrong decisions and flak from parents. In these tough times, students require focus and a calm mind. Meditation is one method which can help them gather their thoughts and get a hold on life.

Every time children are told about meditating, they shun it as boring because it is impossible for them to sit in one place for a long time.

But it not only helps the youth to focus, it is a great tool to connect with your subconscious, where all the answers to your life’s problems lie. For children and adults alike, meditation is a great tool. But for young adults standing on the threshold of adulthood and being in charge of their own life, meditation is one of the most important things.

In case you think meditation requires camps, guidance and most of all, a lot of effort, we break this myth for you. All you need is your mind and nothing in it and you’re ready to go. King Sidharth, a young entrepreneur and owner of a blog on meditation ‘Meditation Rocks’, says, “Mind is on a train of thought all the time. Meditation calms it down to a point just like you try to calm the water’s surface.”

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living is one of the most famous organisations which has its roots in meditation. Sonia Garg, a member of the Art of Living who conducts courses in meditation believes, “Any task requires effort.

Meditation is that one thing that doesn’t require you to do anything. When you are doing nothing, you are meditating.”
Sidharth feels, “Meditating is like walking on wet grass or making concentric circles on sand. Your mind is just there and now­h­ere else.”

Meditating increases the mind’s power. Sushil Kashyap, a meditation practitioner, tells us, “The correct way of doing it is concentrating on the tip of your nose instead of going back to your thought process.”

Having gone through similar emotions, Sidharth says, “When a child is away from home and stressing over his studies and college, he just wants to be out of that chaos. He wants to be at peace, ease and most of all, at home.

Meditation takes you home because home is in your heart.” Rajendra Singh, a yoga practitioner comments, “Just like we brush and bathe routinely to clean our bodies, meditating is cleaning our mind every morning.” Sushil adds, “It lowers your blodd pressure and increases body vitality.”

Time of the day or duration hardly matters in meditation. But experts feel that anything beyond 20 minutes is not possible and both have different reasons for it. While Sidharth feels that anything more than 15 minutes is escapism, Sonia and Rajendra  assert that the human body can’t stay in the same posture for more than 20 minutes.

The best time, preferably, is morning and evening as they are the defining moments of your day but nothing should stop you from meditating at any time of the day. Meditation, as Sidharth says is “deliberate focus” and one of the best things you can offer to your body.

(Published 18 June 2012, 15:40 IST)

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