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Reliving  the making of ‘AK-56’

He is now an advisor and assistant director to Omprakash Rao in AK-56. Yes, around 10 years after the Shivanna-starrer AK-47, Omprakash has gone a step ahead and is introducing the AK-56 to the Kannada audience. But, he is on safe ground. His new film is based on what happened in Punjab in 1996, when it was found that shepherds wielded sophisticated weapons as easily as their sticks.
Media reports were followed by an enquiry and the result is what has inspired this director to make a film based on the rifle’s make.
“This is a straight subject for which Swami and Vijay have written the screenplay,” Omprakash disclosed.
Again, the Punjab story has been ‘modified’ to suit Kannada audiences. The story is based in Kolar’s Chintamani and tells of the consequences of discovery of an AK-56 in a house once visited by the Mahatma.
Omprakash has selected Siddhant, who debuted in Minchu as his hero.
Now sporting a ‘designer’ stubble, Siddhant revealed how he had prepared for the role, learning how to fight for three months.
As heroine, the director has chosen Nikitha, the same girl who was first ‘unhappy’ and then ‘happy’ with the way she was treated in Yodha.
For AK-56 although she was content to cling to Siddhant while posing for photos. The director has also repeated his action director Palaniraj in this film.
Palaniraj has already come up with a brilliant plan of burning up a cool Rs one crore for a scene involving hundred vehicles including cars, motorcycles, jeeps and other vehicles on National Highway-4.
The scene will be shot on September 23 near Tyamagondlu and a helicopter will capture the shots.
If one crore is spent on a single action scene, it becomes futile to ask about the film’s budget. AK-56 will be shot in and around Bangalore, Mysore Belgaum and Chikmagalur.

B S Srivani

Tears all the way...

It was tears all the way during the screening of Kanjivaram. Even Prakash Rai took time to compose himself, but he did so quickly. Umashree, who sat in the front row, wove another painful yarn of the weavers in North Karnataka, reminding the society of its responsibilities. If there was anyone who took her words to her heart, her effort would be truly meaningful. Soon, it was time for Prakash to make his none-too secret announcement: Bringing the Tamil film Abhiyum Nanum to Kannada as Nanu, Nan Kansu...
Fielding the usual, probing questions on directing a remake, Prakash had this to say: “The father-daughter story had a powerful impact on me. I have brought the story to those Kannadigas who watch only Kannada and no other language films. And Nanu, Nan Kansu is my story which will be told in my way.” Prakash’s dreams are being woven under his Duet Pictures along with friend B Suresh’s Media House Studio. Set to begin shooting in December, Nanu, Nan Kansu has music by Hamsalekha who disclosed how Prakash had ‘lured’ him into the project, not worrying about the number of compositions. “He is a talented man. I am his rasika (fan, in this context). How many of them can write and compose such simple songs these days?”
Prakash later explained his choice. The first-time director, impressed with art director Arun Sagar's creativity and cinematographer Anant Aras’ work in Nagamandala, have taken them on board.
Soon, it was time to lighten up the mood and perhaps test Prakash's patience! We wanted to know why he chose Ramya to play his daughter? (After all, he still looks quite handsome and young).
“I chose her because she is the right choice! She is very popular. These are the usual reasons but yes, I also selected her because she is a good actress who is excited to play the role. We shared good vibes during the test... we gelled instantly as father and daughter. As a director I am delighted, she loves the role and enjoys playing something different.” Prakash continued.  “Nanu, nan Kansu speaks of how a father is born when a daughter is born. She grows up, but he does not. Nanu, Nan Kansu tells fathers to grow up too,” Prakash sign off.

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